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A Brief History of the Marque

FN began production of bicycle frames in 1885, built their first complete bicycles in 1889 and began motorcycle production in 1900. These first machines were single-cylinder belt-driven bikes of 135cc, 1.25 hp with an automatic valve.

FN was building four cylinder motorcycles as early as 1904. These pioneer machines had a five bearing crankshaft and shaft drive, with pedal assist.

1910 Stanley Show Report

F. N.

One of the most interesting exhibits at the Stanley Show is to be found on stand 56, which contains a good display of the famous F.N. motor-bicycles. The 1911 5-6 H.P. four-cylinder F.N. contains a large number of interesting features, while the price, viz., 50 guineas, including foot-rests, is approximately the same as a high-grade cycle cylinder model, and less than some twin-cylinder machines. It is now nearly five years since the first gear-driven four-cylinder F.N. motor-cycle was introduced, and its increasing popularity proves that it is giving every satisfaction.

For 1911 the engine has been entirely re-designed, and is now rather more powerful, the bore of each cylinder being 52.5 mm., the stroke remaining at 57 mm, as before. The ports for the sparking plugs are formed on the right-hand side between the inlet and the exhaust valve ports, so that over-lubrication does not now always mean dirty plug troubles. The crankshaft is now carried in phosphor-bronze bearings, and a needle valve compression cap occupies the place in each cylinder where the sparking plugs were placed in the older models.

Perhaps the chief improvement, however, relates to the automatic carburetter, which, fitted in conjunction with a branched induction pipe, ensures phenomenally slow running, and the machine can actually be ridden at a walking pace. Being automatic in action, one lever suffices to control it; moreover, it can be detached in a few moments and dismantled in the same time.

The revolving portion of the distributor has been improved, having a brass tubular guide for carrying the carbon brush, the terminals of the outer casing being of the ball type for push-on terminals. No fly-wheel covering is now fitted, but an annular oil connecting ring is fitted behind the end bearing of the crank shaft, with a lead-off pipe, pointing upwards and downwards. Any excess of oil is collected in the annular ring, and flows away by means of the pipe. The transmission remains very much the same as before, with one important exception, and that is, that the gear wheels are now made from chrome nickel steel. The gear ratio is 5.25 to 1. A new system of locking the transmission casing has now been embodied. In its improved form this famous machine should be more popular than ever amongst all classes of motor-cyclists.

Cycle and Motor Trades Review

A British report on the Motor Cycle Show of 1924 reads, in part:

"There are four examples of the 8 h.p. four-cylinder F.N. shown, as well as a like number of the smaller, 2 1/2 h.p. single cylinder machine. Both types are shown as solo machines and as combinations. The 2 1/2 h.p. is shown with a special sports sidecar, and also with a super sports sidecar. It is worthy of note that balloon tyres are to be fitted as standard on the larger machine.

F. N. (England), Ltd., Kimberley Road, Willesden Lane, N.W. 6."

By 1924, FN had changed all models to chain final drive, and the single-cylinder machines were now "en bloc", the 348cc and 498cc engines available with both sidevalve and OHV heads.

The OHV versions of 1930 had very good performance, with tuned models competing at the Isle of Man TT. They also took speed records on at Arpajon and Montlhery racing venues with Brooklands racers Wal Handley and Dougal Marchant in the saddle. They took the Flying Mile world record at over 190 km/h - almost 120mph.

By the end of that year they held 33 world records.

FN engines were supplied to other manufacturers including Allright and Kerry, and during the Nazi era their machines were briefly marketed under the BAM label in Germany.

In 1955 FN introduced a line of mopeds built by Royal Nord.

FN ceased production of motorcycles at Herstal, Belgium, in 1963*. They continued as a small-arms manufacturer and FN rifles were used by many armed forces including the Australian Army in the 1960s.

FN last exhibited at a motorcycle show in 1965, the last mopeds were built in 1966 and sales of motorcycles ceased in 1967.

FN Models

Lightweight Singles


FN Fours 1905-1913

    FN 4 CYL 750 T 1920-1923
    FN 4 CYL 750 AT 1922-1923
    FN 4 CYL M 50 CHAIN 1923-1926
    FN Two-speed 1913-1922
    FN 285 T 1920-1927
    FN 285 T & 3hp 1920-1923
    FN 285 TT 1922-1923

FN models 1924-1945

    FN M 60 1924-1927
    FN M 67 A 1926-1928
    FN M 67 B 1927-1930
    FN M 67 C 1928-1935
    FN M 67 D 1929-1936
    FN M 70 SAHARA 1926-1930
    FN M 70 B&C. 1928-1932
    FN M 70 C 1930-1932
    FN M 70 D LUXE 1932-1946
    FN M 71 1936-1946
    FN M 90 & M 90 A 1931-1947
    FN M 91 1936-1946
    FN M 200 & M 250 1933-1938
    FN M 86 1933-1946
    FN M 86 SM 1935-1936
    FN M 11 350 OHV, 500 SV & 600 SV 1937-1947
    FN M 12 Boxer 1937-1940
    FN Tricar T-3 1937-1940

FN Post-war models

    FN M XIII 450 OHV 1949-1958
    FN M XIII 450 SV 1947-1949
    FN M XIII 450 SV 1949-1958
    FN M XIII 450 SM 1953
    FN M XIII 350 OHV 1947-1953
    FN M XIII 350 OHV 1952-1958
    FN M XIII 350 SV 1947-1958
    FN M XIII 250 OHV 1947-1953
    FN M XII 250 OHV 1953-1958
    FN M 22 175cc 1953-1961
    FN M 22 250cc 1954-1959
    FN M 22 250cc 1956-1957
    FN M 22 250cc 1957-1960
    FN M 22 250cc 1959-1960
    FN M 22 250cc 1960-1962
    FN TYPE S 125cc 2T 1955-1957
    FN TYPE S 200cc 2T 1955-1959
    FN Moped Royal Nord 1955-1960
    Royal Nord Moped 1956-1960
    Royal Nord Sport 1957-1960
    Royal Nord Sport 1959-1961
    FN Moped FN 1958-1967
    FN 75cc Motorette 1961-1965
    FN 75cc Scooter 1962-1965
    FN AS 24 Military 1963

FN MODEL M-91, 1936
The Model 91 had a sidevalve engine and 4-speed gearbox with hand change via a lever directly connected to the gearbox on the right side, rigid rear end with girder-style forks and 6" brakes front and rear.

Engines include:
F.N. :

  • FN (133cc)
  • FN (188cc)
  • FN (300cc)
  • FN (224cc)
  • FN (249cc)
  • FN (285cc)
  • FN 4 cyl. (362cc)
  • FN 4 cyl. (412cc)
  • FN 4 cyl. (492cc)
  • FN 700 T
  • M 50
  • M 60
  • FN 750 T
  • M 70
  • M 67
  • M 67
  • Sources: JLB-Creations, Cycle Memory, Motor Sport Magazine, FN.oldtimers

    Sun Jun 18 2017
    Andy (contact details witheld)
    FN 285TT
    I am interested in finding out the year and model for my FN motorcycle. I am also interested in the emblem/decal if possible for a restoration. Look forward to hearing more.
    Thank you

    FN-1922c-285TT-ASC-01.jpg is posted in comments, above.

    Sun Jun 11 2017
    brian at vrd.com.au
    Hi can you tell me if this is an FN it is my Great Grandfather in Collie not sure think it is around 1920

      Definitely an FN, around 1912 but hard to get exact ID. Engine is 1912-1914, pedals have been removed, tank differs to most other models. Rack and rear stand appear non-original. Rider appears to have a rifle slung over his shoulder.
    A discussion in the Motorcycles 1867-1930 group resulted in a dating of 1910-1911.


    Sat May 13 2017
    aaosoares21 at gmail.com
    FN M70 YEAR 1933
    procuro farol frente para fn m70 ano 1933 (I'm looking for a headlight for fn m70 1933)

    Sat Apr 15 2017
    andyswamy at gmail.com
    FN 248TT
    Can you provide some literature on the 1922 FN 248TT. Also, would appreciate if you can let me know where I can get the sticker/logo and any drawings for a restoration project.
    Andy, California

    Tue Nov 22 2016
    jos.hoebers51 at gmail.com
    Instruction book
    FN M 70 1929 M70
    I would like to buy an instruction book for my M70

    FN Manuals listed here...

    Wed Oct 26 2016
    hmpmeat at gmail.com
    FN logos for the tank
    FN M13
    I am looking for the FN logos
    on the tanks ( stickers , or tanks itself ) , or any information about them .

    Thu Sep 22 2016
    works at brucepickles.com
    FN 750 4 cylinder 1923
    I'm restoring this bike and its too hard to turn over - the piston rings are way too tight and have almost no flex in them. Any ideas?

    Assuming the engine has not been dismantled, my first guess would be gummed rings. Try pouring diesel down the plugholes and leaving it for a day or three. Drain oil first, of course.

    Thanks; this is what everyone is telling me but I checked for this and they do have the right clearance and do close up but they are incredibly stiff and even  when removed from the piston you can hardly move them by hand. Apparently they were purchased 18 years ago so may not be the original grey cast iron type. Many thanks for your response. I’m an engineer but I’m really scratching my head over this.

    Next step, new rings. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=vintage+motorcycle+piston+rings

    Be interested to learn the result.

    Mon Aug 29 2016
    sandris.lat at gmail.com
    FN for sale
    FN M86 500cc supersport
    500ccm / Max speed: ~145 km/h /Weight: ~145kg / Bronze cylinderhead / Single muffler / Wheels: front: 21'' rear: 20''. VIN 10046.
    Fully restored sports motorcycle by owner ,professional experienced car & motorcycle restoration expert in Latvia .

    The machine is believed to be a 1935 model although a guy from Germany said according the VIN it should be 1938. The motorcycle was brought to Latvia from Russia, where it was brought from Europe's battlefields during the WW2.
    Any more questions - don't hesitate to ask .
    Can send a lot of pics from restoration process .
    More details upon request by e-mail..
    Tukums , LATVIA

    Thu Sep 22 2016
    works at brucepickles.com
    FN 750 4 cylinder 1923
    I'm restoring this bike and its too hard to turn over - the piston rings are way too tight and have almost no flex in them. Any ideas?

    Assuming the engine has not been dismantled, my first guess would be gummed rings. Try pouring diesel down the plugholes and leaving it for a day or three. Drain oil first, of course.

    Thanks; this is what everyone is telling me but I checked for this and they do have the right clearance and do close up but they are incredibly stiff and even  when removed from the piston you can hardly move them by hand. Apparently they were purchased 18 years ago so may not be the original grey cast iron type. Many thanks for your response. I’m an engineer but I’m really scratching my head over this.

    Next step, new rings. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=vintage+motorcycle+piston+rings

    Wed Apr 27 2016
    tom_dahl at hotmail.com
    FN M11 Grips
    IS there anyone that have rubber grips for FN m11? or is there a company that can make new ones if they get old ones for model?

    Sun Apr 17 2016
    mebmcarrolan at hotmail.com
    General enquiry
    FN Factory 1905
    General enquiry re motorbike that has been left me by my father. I would like to know if it is worth selling and how I would go about stating the process

    Thu Apr 14 2016
    gheras at jpselecta.es
    FN350 70
    Dear Sir,

    I need a Dynamo (or alternator) for FN 350 model 70. It can be a new part or old dynamo to restore. Do you have a dynamo as spare part to sell me?

    Waiting your good news.
    Kind regards.
    Pere Carafí

    Sat Jan 02 2016
    hernan022neumann at gmail.com
    FN M90
    FN m90
    hola, me pongo en contacto con ustedes para hacerles la siguiente consulta.
    mi padre siempre me hablo de una moto de la cual el estaba enamorado. la motos es una moto de guerra de la segunda guerra mundial, fabricada por la Fabrica Nacional de Armas Belga.
    la cual según lo que me cuenta mi padre, eran aplastadas con los tanques de guerra después de la segunda guerra mundial. hay solo unas cuantas en todo el mundo y conseguir información de esta moto es muy difícil. se que es una moto muy cara por su antigüedad y su historia.
    Mi padre falleció hace una semana y media en un accidente de moto, y yo en memoria de el quiero comprar esa reliquia.
    Soy de argentina y conseguí el contacto de una persona que posee esta moto, yo quiero comprarla y restaurarla. ustedes podrían asesorarme sobre el valor de este mismo para tener un panorama de a que gastos me voy a encontrar?

    Datos de la moto:

    Marca: FN
    Modelo: M90
    Año: 1931
    Cilindrada: 500cc

    Hello, I'll get in touch with you for the next consultation.
    My father always told me about a motorcycle that he was in love with. The motorcycle is a war machine of the second world war, manufactured by the Belgian National Arms Factory.

    Which according to what my father tells me, were crushed with war tanks after the Second World War. There are only a few around the world and getting information on this bike is very difficult. I know that it is a very expensive bike because of its antiquity and its history.

    My father died a week and a half ago in a motorcycle accident, and in memory of him I want to buy that relic.
    I am from Argentina and got the contact of a person who owns this bike, I want to buy it and restore it. You could advise me on the value of this same to have a panorama of what expenses I will find?

    Wed Dec 02 2015
    zinczinc007 at gmail.com

    Philippe FN 175 cc small 2 temps 1955 immatriculée

    bonjour, je vends ma moto FN 175cc , 2 temps couleur rouge et noir , siège a ressort, 2 échappements, l'allumage est a régler

    Thu Feb 19 2015
    tomek.sokol1000 at gmail.com
    Motorcycle for sale
    FN500 M90 c1931
    For sale motorcycle FN500M90, unrestored, good technical condition, 95% original, do not run since 1939. I am waiting for your offer with given price. Possible exchange offers. Motorcycle for view in Poland. Please contact me via text messege: 607473870
    Krotoszyn, Poland

    Thu Dec 25 2014
    christopher_f_h at hotmail.com
    pistol rod
    m11 1937
    I Wold like to know if There is a connection rod to find FN 500CC engine

    Fri Sep 12 2014
    simothreed at hotmail.com
    FN engine for sale

    i'm trying to sell a good FN belgian engine, probably from 1908 to 1912.
    500 cc 4 cylinders
    I'm in Italy (Genoa), please ask if interested and need more pictures.
    Let me know please if you know somebody else that can be interested.

    Genoa, italy

    See FN-1910c-Engine-Italy.jpg in FN gallery

    Sat Feb 01 2014 sebastianopreviti at hotmail.it
    Spare part renew fn 350 sahara
    i have a FN 350 mod.Sahara (?) and I am looking for photos and spare parts of engine (Piston, shaft and other) Can you help me?
    Best regards Sebastiano PREVITI
    italy Messina

    Fri Aug 03 2012
    F N Spares
    F N 350cc 13
    Hi Would you details for me to contact for F N Spares , Need a Complete Exhurst Plus Other Spares



    Sat Jul 28 2012
    FN parts
    FN M90
    Hi,I'm looking for parts for my bike,tool box.fenders,horn,etc.

    Wed Jul 04 2012
    Fenders,tool box,horn,etc
    FN M(90
    I'm looking for parts to my FN.Thanks!

    Tue Aug 14 2012
    philmead127<at>btinternetdot com
    F N 350 M13
    Does Anyone Know the Correct way to Time my FN 350 M13 Please



    Sat Jun 23 2012
    kis-gazsi<at>hotmaildot com
    looking for parts
    FN m90
    hi,I'm looking for fenders,rim,horn,etc for my bike.

    Thu Jul 19 2012
    FN M13 small carter
    FN M13
    Hello all, I am looking for the small carter as in the photo. The engine is a 350cc side valves. Many thanks in advance, Tsabari S. (Italy)

    Wed May 30 2012

    FN 1913
    I was wondering what a FN 1913 motorcycle in excellent original working condition would be worth. Looking forward to finding out.

    Tue Apr 03 2012
    F N Motor
    F N ? four cylinder
    I have a four cylinder motor in my shed, would like to know age, and if there is any interest in it. Graham

    Thu Jul 07 2011
    Parts required
    FN M86
    Top fork yoke  no86.1008.Valve springs no860308 and 86307 2 of each. Can anybody help please
    New Zealand
    My friend and I are slowly working our way through the restoration of 1935 FN 86 500cc . We have had made here in NZ replica valve springs, but are still looking fot the top fork yoke or drawings or second hand enough to copy and make new one, plus we need the total gearchange mechanism,any condition. Thanks, Bruce Weeks

    Wed Jun 29 2011
    tom-dahl<at>hotmaildot com
    FN M13

    How can I post a wanted ad under the FN topic?
    I'm looking for a 450ohv head to my m13 FN also caled the "gran culas" or the whole engine.

    the bike is 1947 FN it is now a 350cc but when I can get my hands on a 450cc head it will become 488cc. But it is very hard to find parts!! the piston for the 488cc combination is from a alfa romeo 2000GTV. the cylinder is a bored out 450cc.
    The cylinder head that I'm looking for is from a newer FN but the same type (type 13)

    FN M13 1947
    FN M13 1947

    Mon May 23 2011
    ivan-084<at> yahoo.com.ar
    FN 3 cilinders radial
    FN ?
    I have a 3 cilinder radial fn engine, Someone know the year, an the use of this engine?
    Buenos Aires

    Fri Apr 29 2011
    exhaust pipe m67
    FN m67
    I aim lokking for a exhaust pipe of a FN M67 1930

    Sat Aug 25 2012
    exhaust pipe
    FN M67
    I have made the exhaustpipe myself the advertisement is no longer needed

    Mon May 02 2011
    josedonazar<at>hotmaildot com
    motor fn 4 cylindros
    fn 4 cylindros 750 750 4 cylindros
    poseo u n motor fn 4 cylindros años 1916 lo tengo para la venta mi meil es josedonazar hotmail.com
    palma de mallorca

    Sat Feb 05 2011
    bdlaust<at>hotmaildot com

    FN 1907-08
    In need of fuel tank pedals and magneto drive cover for 1907-08 single 250 FN I am in Sydney Australia

    Tue Jan 25 2011
    Parts and info required
    F N M86
    Parts or/and workshop manual
    New Zealand

    Sat Dec 04 2010
    robyke<at>gmaildot com
    FN M86 engine
    FN M 86 1934-38
    Hi, please i search and purchase an engine and pieces for a FN M86 1934-38 for complete my chassis.thanks Roberto from Brescia Italy

    Mon Nov 01 2010
    1929 M67
    I would like to exchange my FN M67 built in 1929 in very good condition , not restored. I am interested at BWM pre war model (No R51-R12 because yet I have them)
    Mantova, Italy

    Thu Oct 21 2010
    TO  SOLD (for sale)
    FN M90 500cc  1931
    M90 500SV  1931  100% complet
    with NEW parts motor, mottor  restaured

    Mon Apr 19 2010

    fn m86
    i`m looking for a fn m86 500ccm to rebuild
    my grandfather drove one in ww2. he tryed to buy this bike after war but failled.
    so i have to find one.

    regards erik
    berlin germany

    Fri Apr 23 2010
    vnce<at>msndot com
    1948 MXIII F N Motorcycle
    F N 350cc MXIII
    I am interested in selling this bike. I'm not sure what the value is. Could you help me?
    Farmington, New Mexico, USA

    The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

    Sun Jan 24 2010
    carton.bernard at neuf.fr
    FN M22 for sell
    FN Herstal M22
    Hello, I own a M22 FN motorcycle I want to sell. It may be for parts but I think the whole engine may be restored. Some parts are not original.
    Grenoble (France)

    Fri Dec 11 2009
    oahalvo at hotmail.com28ivw
    fn 1937m11
    i am the owner of a FN motorcycklen under restauraisjon and i miss som parts hwere can i get this?

    Wed Dec 02 2009
    chofman at eircom.net
    looking for a FN 450 M13
    FN 450 M13
    I am looking to buy  a FN 450 M13 , same model as the one my father had from 1954 to 1971
    Roscrea , Ireland

    Wed Nov 25 2009
    fpvsimoes at gmaildot com
    Crankshaft for M-71 Standard from 1937
    FN M71, Model 1937
    I am Paulo SImões from Portugal and I need a complete Crankshaft or complete engine for a FN from 1937 (M71). Can you help me?

    Sat Nov 14 2009
    lorinox at libero.it
    FN M86
    FN M86
    I am interested to buy a FN M86 motorcycle, not restored. Can i have some address or information about it?
    Is There anyone who can  give me info's? Thank you.
    Casale di Mezzani (Parma, Italy)

    Thu Oct 29 2009
    tim.hutchinson at arlafoods.com
    FN M11
    FN M11
    Dear Sir

    I am the owner of a 1938 FN M11 Motorcycle.

    I have decided to sell the bike and have entered it with Bonhams for the next auction on the 18th November at The York show ground at Harrogate.

    The bike was manufactured in small numbers and i have been informed by The FN owners club that it is the sole bike in the uk. Bonhams have also confirmed that on checking their records they have never auctioned this model before(ever)

    The FN owners club have kindly posted the bike details on their website with pictures. You and your members can view, if interested them on the website shown below.Once on the website you just need to click the top left HOME icon and scroll down past the first post card picture and the details can be viewed by clicking red coloured text where necessary.


    I am contacting you because i cannot find anywhere in the  UK a club for FN's. If you have a FN marque specialist you may be kind enough to pass this info on for if any FN enthusiasts may be interested .

    Tue Apr 28 2009
    roberts.rodney at gmaildot com
    Magneto, Distributor and Carburetor
    1910 FN 4cyl Motor Cycle Frame number 35778
    I am looking for parts for my 1910 4cyl FN. I am missing the Magneto, Distributor and carburetor. Any assistance or advise you could offer would be greatfully appreciated. Kind regards Rod Roberts
    Sydney. Australia

    Fri Apr 18 2008
    todos at doctron.net
    FN M70 for sale
    FN M70
    Hello, I am from Portugal and I am selling a FN M70 350cc with all documents for 15000€


    Sun Mar 16 2008
    sim.forestier at laposte.net
    décoration du réservoir
    FN M 90
    pouvez vous m'envoyer une photo du réservoir d'essence en version lux ou me resseigner sur la cécalcomanie ainsi que les formes peintes et chromées? merci

    Sun Dec 09 2007
    franky.lava at euphonynet.be
    fn m22 1955

    I am restoring an fn m22 1955; I need the exhaust pipes and decals. Anything for sale??
    Leffinge - Flanders

    Mon Oct 29 2007
    djjon at inbox.lv
    Out for sale!
    FN M86 Special

    It's Janis Macarovskis from Latvia, I am selling my FN M86 Special motorcycle (price is not low), some pictures are attached, if someone is interested, please write me.

    With respect.

    About specs etc:

    1. Model: FN M86 Special
    2. Developed in Belgium in year 1935.
    3. 500ccm
    4. Max speed: ~145 km/h
    5. Weight: ~145kg
    6. Bronze cylinderhead
    7. Single muffler
    8. Wheels: front: 21" rear: 20"


    The same bike is advertised above, 2016 entry from Latvia.

    Fri Oct 19 2007
    kosmas7553 at hotmaildot com
    FN 500  Motor bike 1913
    I know a person thats intersting to sell
    Is in very good working condision.. Please let me know how to find how much is worth? Thank you very much. Kos

    The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

    Sat Jul 28 2007
    carl77 at lycos.co.uk
    FN Motorcycle
    FN M22 '56/57 250cc two stroke
    Hi, I have one of these identical to the one in your gallery.

    Wondered what the demand and fetching price is for one in similiar condition. My attachmentst don't seem to go through on your site.

    ANy help would be appreciated and leads to buyers.
    South Africa

    The page on Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

    Mon Jul 09 2007
    haakon.palmqvist at gambrodot com
    FN 500cc OHV 1930 original, for sale.SOLD
    For sale, FN 500cc OHV 1930,original. Price: 63000Skr. (Swedish kr.)
    I living in sout of Sweden, Palmqvist.

    FN 1930 M67 500cc.jpg
    FN 1930 M67 500cc

    Sun Mar 25 2007
    kis-gazsi at hotmaildot com
    looking for parts
    FN M90 SV 500 1930 or 1931
    Tue May 01 2007
    I'm looking for parts
    FN M90 1930
    Thanks for your quick answer.the head light was a bosch and the rear side of it looks unfinised and the electric switch is there, looks unusual

    Thu Mar 01 2007
    frankswst at yahoodot com

    Thu Feb 22 2007
    f-brw at hotmaildot com
    FN Motorcycles


    This email just to know more about FN Motorcycles status. Is this "myth" still alive ? Fan club ? Was the success of FN Motocycles worldwide or local only ?  All info welcome.



    Tue Feb 06 2007
    victor.vaughan at btinternetdot com
    Old engine
    FN 4 cylinder
    Have got this engine don't know the year or model, any ideas, and what about value, and is there a demand for this type of thing. Caroline
    Somerset UK

    FN 4 cylinder engine Somerset.jpg
    FN 4 cylinder engine Somerset
    Many thanks for your help in identifying the engine. After reading the FN specs we have found that the spare barrel and pistons are 48mm bore, and 11 fins. There is actually the lower crank case is on the engine, so the other one is a spare.
    We have also found an engine number, which is 489.
    Thats all at the moment, many thanks, thinking about e-bay. Caroline

    Wed Jan 17 2007
    duarte.garcia at viuvalamego.com [bounced]
    FN 4 Cilinder 1912?
    I want to restaure my FN, but I am missing both wheels and other few spares.Ho shall I contact?
    Best regards

    There are numerous FN resources listed here:

    Wed Jan 03 2007
    jrobinrobb at yahoo.co.uk
    FN Motorcycle
    FN Year 1909 (?) 4 cylinder 748cc
    I am trying to trace a FN m/cycle that was restored in the late a960's by my friend Harry Buchanan, former m/cycle racer and Irish Scrambles champion. It was a 1909 (?)4cylinder 748cc model and belonged to a Georgr Saintfield (?) who had a transport companythat operated between the UK and Belgium. It was passed to Harry as a collection of bits in a large box with the request to put it all together!
    Harry restored it to perfectionfor Mr Saintfield and then rode it successfully in the Belgian Rallyabout 1966-1969 to prove that it would run.
    The license plate then was H-4718.
    Harry is now in his late seventies and would be very interested to know whatever became of the bike with which he was so involved at one time in his life.
    If you should know anything at all about this machine, or can give me a clue as to how I might find out, I would be most pleased to hear from you at:
    jrobinrobb at yahoo.co.uk
    Many thanks
    Robin Robb
    Stamford, England

    FN 1909 four.jpg
    FN 1909 four

    Mystery bike in Finland possibly FN?

    Sat Mar 04 2006
    brianrumbold at hotmaildot com
    FN M12
    Answer to question about generator  -it is Bosch RD45/6/2200-ALS16.
    please contact me .I have 2 M12 undergoing rebuild

    Wed Feb 15 2006
    Scotty-Fielman at web.de
    volume of fn m70l sahara...
    hello! i have a fn m70l.i need some technical datas for the permission.the moast improtant data is volume level... i have searches everywehre and don't found enything. i hope someone can help me... thanx, gerald

    Mon Jan 30 2006
    mikatinas at yahoo.co.uk
    fn m12 magneto
    hello,I was wondering what type of magneto the m12 had.Maybe "magnetosfrance"?

    Sat Nov 05 2005
    blazeafar at hatmaildot com
    FN M86 information
    I ran across some information you may be interested in regarding the 1938? FN M86.
    See the attached link.

    http://www.defesa.ufjf.br/arq/Art-13.htm 404
    FN86 Armoured Motorcycles

    Mon May 23 2005
    fn.oldtimers at telenet.be
    FN motorcycles from 1902 up to 1965
    For all kind of information about any FN motorcycles please contact: www.fnoldtimers.be

    Tue May 10 2005
    sarah.porter at angliadot com
    FN Bike Type 71
    Trying to find information for my dad. He's purchased an FN type 71 but struggling to find information on restoration etc. Unsure where to look. please help !

    Wed Apr 20 2005
    brianwallace at icon.co.za
    Early FN motorcycle
    I have just aquired the remains of two early FN motorcycles.
    2 engine casings, No 2013 and 2035 (both of these are four cylinders.
    Frames 72113 and 41096.
    Could these be dated, and is it possible to contact someone who has or knows something about these machines?
    Thank you,
    Brian Wallace

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    The bikes are about 800 kms away from here at the moment. Will be fetching them in about three weeks.
    They are in a thousand pieces and it will take quite a while before I can get them (or it) together.
    The one frame, No 40196 is too narrow to take the four cylinder casings - obviously earlier and perhaps from a single. This frame is good.
    The other frame, No 72113 takes the four cylinder engine but it is in very bad shape. The engine which is complete and in reasonable condition was used to run a circular saw. Unfortunately, in order to remove the engine, the frame was cut up and some of it is missing.  I will have to replace tubes and it would be imperative to measure up a good frame to make a jig for rebuilding the frame.
    The engine is a side valve, so that makes it post 1913. This is confirmed by the fact that it has a three speed gearbox.
    Gear shift is at the rear right side of the tank.
    I'll e-mail you any other details as I discover them.

    Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005
    subject: F N 250 2 stroke 1956?
    Email: interantiques at yahoo.co.uk
    message: I have inherited a FN 250 2 stroke 2 cylinder LUXE-CARENEE It is in need of restoration but is 100% original it has been greased and in storeage for the last 20 years, I do not know what to do with it does any one know if this is a rare model as I can not find out any thing about it.
    The frame number is 882393.
    The engine number is the same 882393.
    Many thanks. Roy

    The bike is most likely an FN M22. Ed.

    Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2005
    subject: fn
    Email: ldiprimio at ngf.com.ar
    message: hi, congratulations for thw web page.It is really wonderfull to have all bikes info in 1 page.
    I am a FN enthutiast, I have 1 fn M86 and a M67 in restoration. I wonder if you could send me same pictures of the page, but in bigger size.
    thanks a lot

    Veteran FN motorcycles in Australia

    at http://museumvictoria.com.au

    c1906 FN four cylinder at a race meeting
    c1909 FN single cylinder badged as a Speedwell (from State Library NSW)
    c1912 FN four cylinder from State Library NSW
    c1913 FN single in the Australian Army from Campbelltown City Library, NSW
    Thanks to users.senet.com.au/%7Emitchell/links/imaglink.htm Leon Mitchel for this information

    February 12, 2001
    Good day fellow enthusiasts.
    I hope you can help !  A friend of mine has just bought an FN motorcycle. As none of us are experts on this marque we hope that you can help identify it.
    It is a single cylinder 500 cc ( we assume), twin port.
    The engine number is 10118.
    Two numbers on the frame have been found - The first I think is the casting number at 870819.
    The second number is 9874.
    The only items missing that are obvious at this stage are the Speedo and the front light internals such as reflector, globe holder etc.

    What year would this be.
    Where can we get a parts manual for the bike.
    Both of us are really BMW fans but my friend bought the bike because it is so well made and still in pretty good condition.
    We thus like to rebuild it back to original standard.
    Many Thanks
    Derek Marsden  --  marsden at yebo.co.za
    South Africa

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