Griffon Motorcycles

Griffon Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by France Motor Cycles

The well established Griffon Bicycle Company built their first motorcycles in 1902, using one of their bicycle models as a basis to which they fitted an engine. Development was rapid, and the following year they presented 10 different models at the Paris Show. Racing success followed, and in 1904 one of their machines achieved the then astonishing speed of 65 mph.

After more than a quarter of a century, having led the field in competition and built many fine road machines, the company was absorbed by Peugeot in the late 1920s. Peugeot built machines under the Griffon marque until at least 1956, including the following models:

    1932 Type G510 with a P110 engine of 220 cm3
    1948 Type 555 (125 cc)
    1952 Type 676TC4 (170 cc)
    1954 Type 555TA (125 cc)
    1955 Type 557TA (125 cc)
    1956 Type 557TC & 557TLS (125 cc)

Further information:
1903 Griffon, a detailed article in French

Notes Different sources give different dates - an early Tragatsch says 1902-1928, JLB says 1901-1955, and Les Petochons du Lion lists a 1956 model Griffon.

Sources: JLB Creations

Tue Jul 19 2016
pnbrooks89 at btinternet.com
Griffon Dating
Griffon G80
Can you date a Griffon from the frame number?

You would need to contact a marque specialist for that. Try the classic clubs section at Bikelinks.

Tue Jul 02 2013
bike griffon tire 65/35c
griffon 1920 year model
i need yours help . i need 2 tires for a bike griffon i think 1920 year.
tire 65/35c
if you know how we sell this tires please send me a contact for my email.
the tire is dunlop mark.

regards from portugal

Fri Jan 28 2011
Griffon all
Hi again,
For GRIFFON you wrote"Different sources give different dates - an early Tragatsch says 1902-1928, JLB says 1901-1955".
My source is "le grand dictionnaire de la moto française" from Dominique PASCAL. It's mentionned that GRIFFON go to PEUGEOT after WWI. But the Brand was still in use up to 1955.

Best regards
South of France

Wed Dec 02 2009
hog2ride at hotmail dot com
Any Information
Griffon TC555
I am about to restore the TC555 but have nothing to refer to, so any information and photographs would be great
essex england
Hi i have a couple of bits of information on the Griffon, they are as follows its a cm3 125.
carburator is a AMAC jets 75/80 weight 95kgs year 1954. i believe they were taken over by peugot at some point.

Wed Sep 24 2008
office at mauko.at
Griffon 555TA
Hallo ich suche dringend einen Scheinwerfer für mein Motorrad Griffon 555TA BJ: 1953 125m³

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008
From: CESAR Kryulec <motosdeepoca at hotmail.com>

Tengo una moto Griffon totalmente original y funcionando es type G/554 y me gustaria saber el modelo y el valor de esta moto.
Le envio fotos de la moto.
Desde ya atentamente Cesar de Argentina

Translation: I have a totally original and working Griffon motorcycle is type G / 554 and I would like to know the model and the value of this motorcycle. I send photos of the bike. From now on attentively Cesar from Argentina

Thu May 03 2007
Motorsport-Elm at web.de
Griffon Moped

Wer weiss wann dieses Moped gebaut wurde, und wo ich Teile bekommen kann, sowie Techn. Daten ???
Fahrzeug läuft - fährt, aber die Motorlager haben reichlich Spiel !!!

Thu Dec 22 2005
tonylennon9 at eircom.net
griffon cyclemoteur
Would like to buy a Griffon Cyclomoteur.

Thu Nov 03 2005
j-vanderlinden at home.nl
Griffon moped

I live in the Netherlands. i have bought a Griffon moped and am looking for documentation (owner/shop manual, selling brochures or copies) to get it licensed here in the Netherlands. Technically it almost equals the Peugeot Bima. Any information on this nice little bike is very welcome, especially technical specifications.

    Do I understand correctly that the Bima and the Griffon are physically very similar, ie that they come from the same factory? Ed.

From the information that I have gathered sofar I think the frame and engine and fuel tank and several other items are the same. The brakes are different. Bima's have drum brakes, Griffons have rim brakes (I hope that's the right name). But I have also seen a picture of a Griffon with a drum brake at the rear wheel. I'm on the beginning of a search, so my knowlegdge
is still limited. Griffon was bought in 1927 or 28 by Peugeot. Maybe they kept the production separated, I don't know this.

Again, thank you very much and kindest regards,

Joost van der Linden

Peugeot Bima 51

Sat Jul 23 2005 (updated Nov 2010 & March 2011)
igstanley at talktalk.net
Griffon motor cycle/moped
I wish to date a Griffon Type G551M which I have just acquired and obtain any background info. especially about the flywheel magneto (no sparks). Details: approx. 100cc 2 stroke, girder forks, bicycle type frame.

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