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A Brief History of the Marque: Imperia
Germany 1924-1935

According to Tragatsch, Becker's Imperia factory at Cologne, Kölner Motorrad und Maschinenbau (K.M.B.), initially built 247cc and 347cc ohv Blackburne-engined machines and also versions with the 490cc single-cylinder ohv JAP, but most had Swiss MAG power units of 346cc, 496cc, 596cc, 746cc and 996cc. With the exception of the smallest, all were ioe or ohv V-twins. Becker became insolvent in 1926 and Rolf Schröldter bought Imperia and moved the factory to Bad Godesberg.


Inlet Over Exhaust

Aka the F-Head, the IOE system was widely used in early four-stroke engines. Italiano: valvole di aspirazione sopra quelle di scarico; contrapposte.

New models with 498cc single-cylinder double-port MAG ohv engines and 678cc V-twin ohv JAP engines came into being. During the 1930s there were also other models with MAG and Bark engines, but mainly 248cc, 348cc and 498cc four-valve Rudge-built Python proprietary ohv four-valve singles.


Python Four Valve Head

Rudge Python 250, 350 and 500cc engines were introduced in 1931. Borgo used 4V heads in 1920.

1933 saw the introduction of Villiers-engined models of 150 & 200cc.

As the thirties progressed, import of foreign engines into Germany became increasingly difficult due to high taxes imposed by the Nazi government so Rolf Schodter designed a range of new and very unconventional two-strokes. The first was a 348cc double-piston single with the pistons running in opposite directions and a single sparkplug in the centre. There were really two crankcases, one on each side of the cylinder. They were connected by a chain and on top was a supercharger. This aircooled engine was not fully developed when Imperia again ran into financial difficulties, due in the main to the production of too many unconventional designs. These included a 498cc horizontally-opposed two-stroke twin with Trilok gearbox and shaft drive, and the company was also building 746cc sports and racing cars.

There is also an Imperia sidecar, possibly of French manufacture.

Sources: Tragatsch, et al.

Sun Jan 13 2013
Unknown Model of IMPERIA

Dear All,
do you know more about my Imperia?Which Model... JAP engine is 500ccm-race from 1926.More Photos you can see on http://www.mojalbum.com/ce-grof/imperia-500-bj-28-29
With Regards from Slovenia-Borut

Imperia-1926c-JAP.jpg will be posted-1301

Thu Nov 23 2006
bobdang at austarnet.com.au

I have an imperia motoer cycle and need clarification of model and any thing else anyone can tell me. The bike was originally in greece and my father brought it to australia to retore. I have original engine, gear box and frame numbers.
thanks margeurite

Jan 2007
I finally have some pictures of my fathers bike. Unfortunatly the bike is in pieces. I hope you can make out the pictures. Apparently the bike wa bought from a crap metal yard in Greece. It hasn't been ridden for years, never by my father. It is an old army war bike. dad is sure there was a side car but he didn't purchase it. Here is some info and questions.
Dad said he was told it was a 1925 model 
Regards margeurite

Engine number IC9H8 2nd photo The petrol tank has two holes why
Frame number IMP2102 the oil tank is located under the seat, How does the oil get to the tappets or engine ( we have no lines)
16571- we think metal was worn

Gear box is Hurth 1st photoes The gears are on the tank not a foot clutch
A picture of the steering, does it look like anything is missing.
Magneto is a bose one (Bosch?)

Imperia 1925 91.jpg
Imperia 1925 91

Mon Nov 20 2006
s.gutmann at gmx.de
Imperia wanted
Imperia wanted, any model and condition, also fragments, parts. 
Please send your offer and pictures to s.gutmann at gmx.de
Best regards
S. Gutmann
Stuttgart, Germany

Tue Jul 11 2006
gasser.nicolas at wanadoo.fr
informations about Imperia
I have found a Imperia side-car motorcycle and I want to find all about these brand and products. This motorbike should be complete (i don't know exactly) but I have no idea of the model it is.
But I really want to restore it!
Strasbourg - France
Here are some pics of the bike. Hope you can help me to find the model and the year...
Best regards

Imperia 150-CG-67 2.jpg
Imperia 150-CG-67 2

Mon Apr 17 2006
awi.schmitz at t-online.de
Imperia Rheingold
Hallo,ich suche Teile oder einen ganzen Motor JAP 680.

Robotrans: Hello I seek parts or an entire motor JAP 680.

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