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Historical Notes: Lavalette

Ets Lavalette
32 Avenue Michelet
St Ouen (Seine)
Tel Mon 99-60

Lavalette engines were fitted to Astra, Drevon, Follis, Hercules (UK), Hirondelle, Jeunet de Dole and Paloma mopeds and scooters, among others. Hirondelle Type 13 of 1964-66 is apparently identical to the Jeunet de Dole of the period.

Lavalette Engine Models include:

  • AML 50
  • AML 50/1
  • AML 50/2
  • AML 60
  • BML 49
  • BML 65
  • BML 705
  • GML 50
  • GML 60
  • Lavalette Morini Engines include: Lavalette - Morini :

  • MSL
  • ML
  • FL
  • Sources: Cycle Memory et al.

    Sat Apr 02 2016
    jtibbins at hotmail.com
    Levalette motorcycle
    Levalette French racer
    We have a Levalette French racer we would like to sell. Spirit of St Ettie
    Algarve Portugal

    Posted elsewhere:

    We have a Lavalette French Racer, Spirit of St Ettie. We believe it is 1945. Frame type RL 894. Engine no. 705E PK13 880.
    We would like more information please about the motorcycle and its value. Many thanks Jayne Tibbins.

    The bike is a Racer, possibly an RL. Listed here: Racer

    Tue Jan 06 2015
    bramble113 at gmail.com
    Lavalette AML
    Hi I am looking for a set ofr points (Rupteur) for 50cc Lavalette aml engine.
    Cambridge UK

    Thu Mar 26 2009
    granite0077 at aoldot com
    Engine parts...piston/rings/pin
    Lavalette AML 50
    looking for engine parts for this French engine....
    USA, Indiana

    Wed Oct 11 2006
    historiasdehya at gmail.com
    any infotmation
    We are searching about a two stroke engine to be fitted in a bicycle
    Now all what I can tell you is about a little two stoke engine, without clutch nor gear box, perhaps becoming from France, to be fitted in a bycicle, named LAVALETTE.

    Some Gitan mopeds may have used Lavalette engines.

    Astra 56-57 models.

    magn�to Lavalette used on various engines

    Ets Lavalette
    32 avenue Michelet
    St ouen (seine)
    Tel mon 99-60

    http://lesmotocyclettes.free.fr/moteur/lavalette.htm (404)

    If you have a query about Lavalette mopeds and engines or have information about these classic French machines, please contact us

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