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LEM Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Made in Bologna, Italy, 1974-
Brief history of the factory here:

Some models have a Franco Morini S5E engine.

Sources: Henshaw

Tue Dec 01 2015
llogins at hotmail.com
Lem 50cc fuel tank
Lem R3
Hi, I was wondering if you know where I could find a fuel tank like the one attached, I am in Australia and having trouble sourcing one and the one I have found doesn't ship to Australia, just wondering if you could help or point me in the right direction of where I may find one.
Thank you
Australia Queensland


Tue Apr 22 2014
aletline at hotmail.fr
cyclo LEM
renseignements LEM MOTOR TYPE 820
pouvez vous me dire si vous fabriquez encore ce modele photo jointe
et si vous avez encore des documentations ce serais tres sympa
merci et bonne journee

thank you for your reply
Have you seen the curious system of the motor drive toothed wheel?

LEM-Type-820-1.jpg is in the gallery

Sat Jul 13 2013

Stops running after choke released
2003 Lem 50 LX1
Franco Morini engine S5E with Dellorto carb. Starts up and runs with choke on, as soon as you release choke engine stalls. I've cleaned, checked carb, gaskets, intake, etc. all seems ok. If I choke with my hand it tries to stay running. Please help! Thanks!

Ed: Common cause is lean mixture. This could be main bearing seals.

Wed Apr 17 2013
LEM 1997? LX2
Looking for a complete working carburetor.


Thu May 16 2013
lumps00<at> yahoo.com
LEM lx1
hi i need the whole body PLASTIC parts for LEM 50CC MINI BIKE I NEED YOU HELP....THANK YOU

Sat May 11 2013
Replacement Clutch Bell
Lem 2005 RX65
What motor is in a Lem 2005 RX65cc? I am looking for a replacement clutch bell, and haven't been able to find one yet. Is there is a aftermarket one I can use?

Sun Jul 15 2012
LEM Pratical
Need throttle info and where available in US
St. Louis MO

Sat May 21 2011
jpgoblue<at>gmaildot com
what do i have?
lem 50?
just bought last night told me its a 50cc but im not sure has bigger wheels vin#: y12e132c32l000095 engine#: fm2901*02009*

Mon Apr 12 2010
d.dillen1985<at>yahoodot com
Parts prices for 1997-99 LX2 Super
LEM LX2 Super
Looking for an online parts dealer. We need 8 different things for our sons and I can't locate any parts!

Fri Nov 13 2009
timmullins16 at hotmaildot com
need year of morini engine need parts
lem 50cc?
motor# FM*845123 need to know year manafatured so i can order parts. thanks. Tim Mullins

Sat Jul 04 2009
julian.cooke at farmlinedot com
throttle cable
Lem 50 LX3
We are trying to replace this part for my sons motocross bike and are having trouble finding a dealer to supply.
Swindon, England

Tue Dec 20 2005
jkeller-83 at hotmail.com
I recently purchased a 50cc lem 50r but am not sure of the year. maybe around mid to late 90's.i'm looking for info on ordering engine parts. thanks

Mon Sep 17 2007
bonneville1992 at hotmail.com
piston diameter and cc?
franko morini motori mattbarbie mini bike
i am looking to replace my piston in my motor, it is 50cc, the cylinder has the #2099 marked on it.



Mon Feb 18 2008
wiljablome at cox.net
lem cr3 for sale or parts
1997 cr3
have 97 cr3 for sale. has new plastic an in very good shape. now has the gs3 motor instead of the s5. motor was bad an replaced it. runs good. throttle cable is a little long for the gs3 motor but works. moving an cant take with me. so selling whole bike or parts. plastic is hard to get for these years an these are great shape. will attach photo
norfolk, virginia

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