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A Brief History of the Marque

Lohner 1950-1958
Tragatsch says they produced first-class car bodies and also electric vehicles designed by Porsche, but I think he refers here to four-wheelers of c1900. The scooters had 98 and 123cc Rotax-Sachs and 198cc ILO engines. Models included the 98cc ILO-engined "Sissy" of 1957, and later model Sissy scooters had 50cc engines.

German literature refers to Lohner Großroller

Wed Jul 29 2009
alsenor at ggholidaydot com
my old Lohner 125
Lohner 125
you asked for it
Oregon, USA
Well, I lived in Vienna when I had the Lohner.
BTW, I just looked at the HMW page (I had a HMW Supersport before the Lohner), and noticed my very first Moped wasn't listed as a user of the Halleiner motor. It was a small bicycle builder in my district of the city, by the name of Delta Gnom, who built a very sporty looking moped with HMW motors. I had one in silver, with a tiny standard fairing on it, and a swing fork in front.


Lohner Scooter Oregon

Sun Sep 14 2008
jmvillani at aoldot com
Lohner scooter
Lohner not sure
I have inheirited this scooter and would like to find information about its restored value. Thanks
Joe Villani
Maine, USA

Lohner Scooter

Fri Sep 29 2006
vasmos at otenet.gr
looking for manufacturers colors
lohner sissy 2 mod:1960
I find this bike in a dump but somebody paint with a brush.you pleace can send me a color photo.i wand see the colors i thing is two.thang you!!
  Lohner Sissy 1960.jpg
Lohner Sissy 1960

Fri Jan 27 2006
peter.waschka at hotkey.net.au
Austrian Motorcycles
There was a company in Vienna, Lohner, who made scooters 125ccm

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