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A Brief History of the Marque: MAS

MAS (1920-1956)

MAS (Motocicli Alberico Seiling) was founded by Alberico Seiling, a successful motorcycle designer. Early machines had 148cc, 173cc and 244cc ohv and sv engines with pedalling gears and large outside flywheels. Production in the 1930's concentrated on budget priced 248cc, 348cc and 568cc side valves along with a luxury touring model with a 498cc ohv engine. Most late '30's models offered rear suspension and all models had inclined cylinders.

During WWII, MAS supplied the Italian forces with 498cc ohv singles and a 173cc two stroke. An innovative 122cc single, the Stella Alpina, was introduced in the late '40's. It had a top end cast in the form of two concentric cylinders with an inner cylinder joined to an outer cylinder by a series of vertical fins. The theory behind it was that such a configuration would keep the engine cool at low speeds. It was not a commercial success.

More conventional models in the '50's had 173cc ohv and ohc engines, and an interesting 500cc ohc twin intended for racing never left the prototype stage. Before the company folded, MAS was reduced to making utilitarian 124cc two strokes and a Sachs engined 49cc mini-scooter. This venerable Milanese company closed its doors in 1956.

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Bill Hooben
October 2, 2003

Additional notes:

There was also a Seiling brand of motorcycle, apparently, and another financed by engine manufacturer Türkheimer, the Altea.
Source: Wikipedia

Fri Dec 20 2013
MAS motorcycle
MAS 175cc Harlette
I am interested in any information regarding this bike.

  This is a very interesting machine built for Harley-Davidson.


Tue May 19 2009
renato at rpw.it
Moto M.A.S.
M.A.S. 127
I am restoring a MAS 127 with 350cc SV engine, year 1934.
Detailed info here : http://www.rpw.it/Moto%20d%27epoca/MAS350VL.htm

P.S.: MAS stands for "Motocicli Alberico Seiling", not for "Motoscafo Anti Sommergibile" [as previously used in the historical article above]

MAS 1934 Tipo 127
MAS 1934 Tipo 127

MAS 1934 Tipo 127
MAS 1934 Tipo 127

MAS 1934 Tipo 127
MAS 1934 Tipo 127


Tue Apr 07 2009
mauc23 at tin.it
MAS motorcycle
MAS 1937 570 ?
can you help me to find the model and ,if you have, some documentation (photos, tecnical data , etc.. )of this motorcycle?
The soldier in the photos is my father in Ethiopia, year 1937, during the Italian -Ethiopian war.
Thank you very much,

MAS Ethiopia 1937

Wed Mar 04 2009
ben.wieringa at hetnet.nl
MAS Stella Alpina
I am the owner of a MAS Stella Alpina of the first series, build in 1949.
send some pictures with this
Schildwolde Netherlands

MAS Stella Alpina 1949

February 18th 2005
MAS Stella Alpina 175 at Ebay.it

September 25, 2003
MAS MOTORCYCLES WANTED: I am seeking a 1930's 250, 350, 500 or 600cc sv or ohv single in good condition. Bill Hooben whh at post dot com

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