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from 1901 to 1909 (or possibly 1914)

Brief History of the Marque: Minerva

Prior to the Great War, Minerva of Antwerp was quite famous for its range of motorcycles with 1.5hp to 8hp motors. These engines were also supplied to over 100 other manufacturers of motorcycles and motorized bicycles, and were licenced for manufacture in other countries. The factory ceased production of motorcycles in 1909 in favour of cars.

The 1907 Minerva was rigid framed (sans front suspension also) with belt drive directly from the crank. In 1909, the final year of production, the factory offered a range of motorcycles from 254cc singles to 855cc V-twins.

A revival of the company was attempted in 1953 or 1954 with the production of scooters under licence from MV Agusta, but this failed and the factory went into final liquidation in 1958.

Manufacturers utilising Minerva engines included Allright, Automoto, Bismarck, Blumfield, BSA, Chater-Lea, Excelsior, Royal Enfield, Shaw, Triumph, the Australian Lewis, and Eysink

More Minerva History

Minerva 1902 211cc.jpg
Minerva 1902 211cc

Minerva Motocyclettes 1900-1909

There is an excellent period photograph of a Lewis c1904 with Minerva engine at the State Library of South Australia collection, and more here.

April 2009
Mystery pioneer single, possibly a Rex?

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minerva motorcycles
minerva 3.5 hp
looking for more detail re the minerva bikes as seem to have a family history of these bikes in new zealand. would be interested in seeing any early photos or purchasing any parts particulary a motor .
new zealand

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