Italian Motorcycles

Monviso Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in in Savigliano (Cuneo) 1951 to 1956

Monviso made a range of typically Italian machines with two-stroke engines from Sachs of 98cc, 123cc, 147cc and 173cc.

Sources: Tragatsch et al.

Sat Oct 25 2008
roby.locarno at gmail dot com
cerco info
monviso 150
Prego chi fosse in possesso di qualunque foto o altra info su MONVISO di contattarmi

Monviso-150-Varese.jpg posted-0810

Thu Apr 05 2007
jackhammer at aliceposta.it
moto monviso
I write from Varese,italy,
I would to know what I buyed.
I think it's a Monviso moto,but I'm not sure.
the engine is SACHS
Can you help me?
thank you.

Tue Apr 19 2005
alex-bolognesi at yahoo dot com
Moto Monviso Sachs motro 175 CC
Vorrei avere una quotazione per una moto Monviso 175 cc del 1953.

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