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New Comet, New Zealand
New Comet, New Zealand

Sat Jan 15 2011
1924 New Comet
New Comet 147cc Villiers
Looking for an image of the New Comet logo or the style it is written so I can finish my New Comet tank. The two images are my bike as found, it needs the bottom tank tube removed and the tank lengthened back to its original size. The other photo is another bike that survives in NZ, but did not have the original script on its tank to copy, so was apparently done to suit.
Cheers for any info or a good photo of what is needed.
New Zealand

Many thanks, like I said, I lost all these images with my computers expiration, really pleased to see them again. Since we talked last I have sent a picture of my New Comet to a man who is the Grandson of the original builder of New Comets (he is also writing a book on the subject), he has confirmed that the bikes in New Zealand are indeed that marque. If you want to go ahead and put the images in your New Comet page, you will indeed have the correct motorcycles under the New Comet brand.

From what I have been told, the son of New Comet's designer, Mr Haden, came to New Zealand and married here. It was him who imported and sold these bikes in New Zealand in the 1920's.

There are 3 left in this country (same model), mine was modified by the farmer who owned it when he cut the tank down shorter and also shortened and bent the top tube down so that his son could ride it!

I have not heard of any other New Comet's of this era left in existence, but would be happy to know if there were others left, especially as I need a good close up picture of the tank insignia or how New Comet was written on the tank.
Many thanks,
Kerry Griffiths.

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