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A Brief History of the Marque

Usine a Albert (Somme)
Rochet produced two-speed single cylinder IOE motorcycles for several years prior to World War One including an in-line vertical twin and a tri-car. All models were chain-driven, and the unit-construction (bloc-moteur) twin is believed to be the first example of such an engine.

1910 Motocyclette Types: MG, MI, MH

After WWI the marque was based in Paris and machines were produced until at least 1927.

Rochet engines were supplied to Roland.


Inlet Over Exhaust

Aka the F-Head, the IOE system was widely used in early four-stroke engines. Italiano: valvole di aspirazione sopra quelle di scarico; contrapposte.


Mon Apr 25 2016
j.pirtle24 at yahoo.com
Rochet Motorcycles
Rochet Belt driven
I was recently in the small town of Oatman, Arizona.  There is a man that has an original Rochet Belt driven motorcycle on display in their window.  They told me it was extremely rare.  I could not find any info on this bike.
Oatman, Arizona, USA

Tue Aug 07 2007
tdoyleat alphalink.com.au
rochet badge
1904 ?
Hi there I like the bike badge you have on the site it looks very much like the one I recently bougt in France on ebay
OZ melbourne

Rochet marks. Manufactured in paris france. It is of the year 1904 530C.C. Listed Ebay UK Feb 2007

Tue Feb 20 2007
tdoyle at alphalink.com.au
I have the engine and part of the frame for this bike and wondered if there are any photos available

Mon Jun 06 2005
rmedhurs at bigpond.net.au
Rochet motorcycle
I have found reference to a Rochet motorcycle being raced in Australia prior to WW1. I am interested in any information on these bikes as I have a Rochet Schneider car. Is there a connection? Is it the same Rochet? Any information appreciated and if you would like details on the article regarding the Rochet motorcycle please let me know.

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