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Historical Snippet
Probably associated with Lion Rapide

Sun Oct 23 2011
roue avant
salira 200cc
bojour je recherche une rou avant compléte de salira 200cc

Wed Jan 10 2007
pierre.vandepaar at scarlet.be
Salira trial 4 vit.
We collect Lion Rapide, Salira, Novy,  Socovel and Villiers
Lommel Belgium

Sun Apr 16 2006
phyl.B at hotmail.com [bounced]
salira 200cc moteur villier
je ne trouve pas le numero de cadre.

Robotrans: I cannot find the frame number.

Does anyone know the location of the frame number on these machines? Ed.

Mon Aug 22 2005
RM2 at chello.be
"Salira" : From 1955- until early 1960's
Assembled machines from 98cc to 197cc Villiers engines
>From 1963 on, the construction of Petrol heaters.

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