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A Brief History of the Marque

Tragatsch devotes almost half a page to this German-Swiss marque. 
Early models had 250 & 350 JAP engines, soon switching to MAG of 350cc up to 998cc. In 1930 they introduced 198cc & 248cc ohv singles of their own manufacture. Forks licenced from Brough were used from 1929, and during the late 1930s they built small cars and some two-stroke motorcycles. 

The factory was owned by Wilhelm Gutbrod, who also owned another Swiss factory, Zehnder. Although their machines were among the best available between the wars, in the post-war era, after the death of Gutbrod, their motorcycles did not fare well.

Wilhelm's son Walter became an automobile manufacturer, producing mostly commercial vehicles along with a small number of sports cars under the Gutbrod name. The venture failed in the late 1950s.

JF (see sources) gives a rather different account.


    This company was founded in Swabia by Herr Wilhelm Gutbrod in the year 1926.

    During the 1920's and the early 1930's Standard machines were extraordinarily successful in sporting events, participating in just about every event held in southern Germany (going as far east as Saxony) and Switzerland, where a sister-company was also producing their line of bikes for the home market. Especially spectacular were their successes in the 1000-cc class with side cars...

    Gutbrod also designed and marketed 2 small cars, one with 400 cc's and the 'big' one with 500 cc's both being 2-stroke designs.

    [In the late 1930s Standard built] a single cylinder 200-cc 2-stroke ... called 'Feuergeist' (Fire-Dragon).

There was also a Standard marque in Germany from 1922 to 1924 which built small two strokes, and another Scandinavian marque which rebadged Testi mopeds and motorcycles.

Sources: Tragatsch, JF

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