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Sun Jul 20 2014
robertdixon731 at
Triumph LS 350cc
Hi I have attached two pictures of my latest restoration it is a 1925 Triumph LS 350cc. It is unit construction, about 350 were only made. It is my bike. There is not a picture of on on your web page. Thought you may like the pictures
Northern Ireland

Triumph-1925-LS350-Ireland-1.jpg willl be posted-1407

Tue Apr 22 2014
velofello at
Bonneville 1974 O.I.F wiring
Triumph Bonneville 650 O.I.F
Could anyone tell me if this model is+ or- earth and is it 4 or 5 speed thank you

Sun Feb 16 2014
markyboy64 at
Triumph Query
Triumph 1936 550 Sidevalve
Hello, just regarding your article about 1936 sidevalve 5/1. My crankcase is stamped s6 like your photo, but you deciphered it to be a 5/1. What did I miss in the engine no? Cheers, Mark K


Mon Feb 10 2014
Triumph tank
Triumph junior baby 225cc
S.o.S. I search for buy a triumph junior baby 225cc tank
Arezzo Italy

Sun Jun 30 2013
Oil tank mounting
triumph 1959 t20
Can anyone help with pics of the oil tank mounting on a 59 cub with side panels are there extra brackets I am restoring a basket case need under the panels reference pics

Tue Feb 05 2013
Wanted 1936 triumph 5/1 tank
triumph 5/1
looking for a tank to suit 1936 triumph 5/1 550 side valve single

Tue Feb 05 2013
Transmission Badges
'67 T100C '67 T100C

Please could you let me know of a supplier for the transmission badges, I believe there are two types, the one states the patents and the second "Made in Great Britain" or something similar.
Johannesburg South Africa

Try the page on badges & decals

Sat Feb 02 2013
leaking primary case behind clutch
Triumph TRW 1956
what can I do to stop oil coming out of the spring controlled  steel washer?
Surrey B.C.Canada

Wed Jan 30 2013
Triumph fips motor scooter
Fips /Sachs pedal engine 1950
Hello I would like to the value of this bike.

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