French Motorcycles

Utilia Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in France from 1929 to 1936
Etablissements CL
10 rue Achille-Martinet
PARIS (18°)

These machines were assembled using engines from Aubier-Dunne, JAP, Madoz, A.B, Chaise, Duten, LMP, Staub and Train.

1930 models:

    Type AI8 175cc Madoz twostroke
    Type BI8 250cc 3-speed sidevalve Aubier et Dunne
    Type CI8 350cc 3-speed OHV (also available with 500cc SV or OHV engine)
    Type CI9 350cc Chaise 3-speed, Type R9 500cc LMP engine.

There was also an Ultima of 26, rue Ct. Fauraz, Lyon advertised in 1954 with engines of 125cc and 200cc.

Sources: JLB Creations

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