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Brief History of the Marque: Viking
Early 70's 50cc Viking mini bike. Made in Italy by Franco Motori Morini for Viking Products. 4 speed transmission with drum brakes, lights and speedometer.

Fri Oct 31 2008
tooleman at industryinetdot com
Hello. I am looking for information on the Viking Minibike.  I have a green one that I believe is a 1970, am not real sure. Would like to know what years they were produced and how many were imported to the USA. I am looking for any literature such as sales brochures, parts manuals, etc. Thanks

Sun Jul 22 2007
jbernard at surewest.net
viking 50cc
viking 70ish 50 cc it has 1.9 miles on it 
any one know what this is

Early 70's 50cc Viking mini bike. Made in Italy by Moto Morini for Viking Products.
There is a mention of one here:

Viking Franco Morini Minibike.jpg
Viking Franco Morini Minibike

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