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Sat Feb 08 2014 rachel at Zanetti C-50 black san marco & a purple one Hi! I'm looking for value/info on 2 Zanetti Mopeds (C-50 model?) Inherited from a friend and rode them a couple summers ago- been in storage..Thanks! NH

Zanetti Mopeds

Mon Oct 22 2012
value of my zannetti motori
zanetti motori c50 zanetti motori c50
Im tryin to find a value on my all original zanetti c50
new jersey

Sun Apr 22 2012
zannetti 50cc
Hi memeber. I found an old zannetti moped.  I got it running. Should there be a centrifical clutch?
Phoenixville, Pa

Sun Aug 22 2010
zanetti bicizeta (50cc) 42 cubic centimeter mini-motor
I have two of these bikes in Great condition and i am trying to find out the value. I am looking to sell one is purple and one is orange, bot run great has saddle bag with tire gage and manuals
cleveland, Ohio


Thu Jul 24 2008
Zanetti C50 for sale
Zanetti C50
I have a old Zanetti C50 for sale on ebay. Item # 330254839262


Fri Aug 10 2007
I need some parts
zanetti splash road 125
I have a zanetti splash road 125 and I have an accident, i need replace parts, i´m from mexico and i dont know were can i get replaces parts to my motorcycle, can you help me

Sun Aug 20 2006
Zanetti bicizeta

I am from Germany. Since several days I am owner of a Zanetti bicizeta. It must be completely restored and unfortunately I have no paperwork or documentation at all. 
Can you help me ?

Best Regards

Mon Mar 13 2006
Zanetti brand
I have a zanetti motori that I am restoring, but am unable to find much info. If I cannot restore I might consider selling
New Jersey USA

Zanetti Moped.jpg
Zanetti Moped

Mon Jun 06 2005
Zanetti Motori C 50
I need Papers from this Typ. Can I help me ?

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005
subject: mi moto zanetti resulto ser basura
Email: luisperez3-p at hotmailimg
message: el aņo pasado me compre una zanetti 50 en la tienda megacomercial mexicna de puerto vallarta en mexico y practicamete me es imposible encontrar a un mecanico especializado en estre tipo de basura se decompone facilmente y todas sus partes son taiwanesas que tambien son basura por su baja calidad prometo no cometer el mismo error de nuevo pues solo fue un tremendo fraude en el que me encontre. lo siento pero no tengo comentarios agradables al respecto de mi compra pues lo reconozco me equivoque.

atentemente luis perez. puerto vallarta jalisco mexico. 

the last year zanetti 50 in the megacomercial store buys one to me mexicna of port vallarta in mexico and practicamete is impossible to facilmente find to a mecanico specialized in estre type me of trash decompone and all their parts are Taiwanese who also are trash by their low quality I promise not to commit the same again then single error was a tremendous fraud in which me encontre. I feel it but I on the matter do not have pleasant commentaries of my purchase because I recognize it mistakes to me. atentemente Luis perez. port vallarta jalisco mexico.

January 10, 2005
subject: Zanetti Motori C-50
Email: xr650rrrider at
message: Hello,
I recently became the owner of a nearly pristine Zanetti motorized bicycle. I can find virtually no information as to the lineage of the marque. Mine appears to be in nearly perfect condition, but will need a new fuel tank cap and pedals. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The exact model is a Zanetti Motori C-50.

Zanetti Motori C-50 Moped Front View.jpg
Zanetti Motori C-50 Moped Front View
Zanetti Motori C-50 Moped Side View.jpg
Zanetti Motori C-50 Moped Side View
Zanetti Motori C-50 Moped Top View.jpg
Zanetti Motori C-50 Moped Top View

Jan 10 2005
Found a couple of Zanetti entries on Ebay Mexico - a Super Zanetti Splash Road 125 scooter, adn a Moto Zanetti 250cc Impecable Tipo Fatboy - the latter is a 4 stroke twin.

March 15, 2002
All I know about this mini is that it has 2 stroke motor with a manual clutch that says motori zanetti bologna on side cover. and that it has front and rear drum brakes, 3.10x10 tires. Some people said was a Benelli but I can not find any photos of it. If any one can help please e-mail me at  angelogazzara at hotmailimg   thank you

Zanetti Bologna Minibike.jpg
Zanetti Bologna Minibike

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