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Auto Wheel

Auto Wheel (AutoWheel) was a motorcycle produced from 1910 to 1922.

This machine followed on from one that was first designed by A. W. Wall in 1903, and then became the Roc in 1904.

  • 1910 The Wall Auto Wheel appeared as an attachment that fitted to the right side of a bicycle rear wheel. It incorporated a 1.75 two-stroke engine with a Bosch magneto. The mudguard was formed to act as the petrol and oil tanks, and two flexible clamps secured the wheel to the bicycle and acted as crude shock-absorbers.
  • 1911 The Auto Wheel now had a 110cc flat-twin two-stroke engine, with a vertical crankshaft and magneto above, and flywheel below the crankcase. A spiral gear appeared and this was followed by a bevel gear.
  • 1912 The final form of the design was produced, with a vertically mounted 1hp four-stroke engine.
  • 1914 As the unit was reputedly made for Wall by BSA, some were sold as the BSA auto wheel de luxe, and one was fitted between the rear wheels of a tricyle.
  • 1920 At least three firms were using the unit as the motive power in the manner of the early Singer.
  • 1921 Late that year the Auto Wheel Motorette appeared with the rear wheel powered. It was sold by Gamages of London.
  • 1922 The Auto Wheel was no longer listed after that year.

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