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Bluebird was a motorcycle produced circa 1920s.

Post World War I, a revised form of artillery wheel had been patented by John Ireland and a Mr Johnston. This wheel was for cars but it was not a commercial success. In the early 1920s John Ireland turned his attention to motorcycles and produced some machines under the Bluebird name. Most were fitted with V-twin JAP engines.

There is an interesting article from an owner of one of these machines in Australia [1]. The pictures are taken from his web site which states, "...able to locate the following advertisement in the Geelong Advertiser in 1921:
Not only does the advertisement pin down the origin of Blue Bird Cycles, it also identifies Mr. Kinleyside as an agent for JAP motorcycles. Presumably Blue Bird cycles were sourced from Healings, who would also supply a motor cycle from their catalogue should the occasion arise."

There was also a Bluebird by Geer of Missouri.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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