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  • 1905 Dennis produced their first bus.
  • All passenger-carrying vehicles were based on goods chassis until 1925.
  • 1909 Dennis Brothers fitted White and Poppe petrol engines and later bought the company.
  • 1921 Dennis designed a four-ton chassis.
  • 1927 Forward-control double-deckers first appeared with the H-type.
  • 1930 The Dart was invented as a normal-control chassis with six-cylinder engine and servo-brakes. This became the standard small bus with LGOC.
  • By 1950 Dennis designed the Dominant model. It featured a 0.6 engine, a turbocharger and Hobbs automatic transmission.
  • 1952 Lancet was launched with an underfloor engine. It was much lighter and was successful in bus and coach use.
  • 1956 The Pelican was introduced. It used components from the Falco.
  • 1958 The forward-entrance Loline II came.
  • 1960 Improvements were made to the Loline III; this model was 30ft long with a forward-entrance.
  • 1961 Employed 1,300 persons. Commercial vehicle manufacturers specialising in motor fire engines, motor coaches, omnibuses and municipal vehicles.
  • 1967 The last of the Loline models were built.
  • 1971 Dennis took ownership of the Hestair Group.
  • During the 1970s, a double-decker 'the Dominator' was made.
  • A single-decker version of 'the Dominator' followed.
  • South Yorkshire Transport took the Dominator as its standard bus.
  • 1980 A purpose-built single-decker chassis was developed - the Falcon.
  • By the 1990s the model of the Dominator could not keep up with Leyland, Volvo, and Olympian.
  • 1996 London and Country bought the last Dominators from Dennis.
  • 1997 Dennis introduced the Trident, their first low floor double-decker, the three axle for export only.

Dennis produced a motorcycle in 1898, in Guildford, Surrey.

The company, one of only a handful not based in Midlands, built a few tricycles in the De Dion mould. They had a single front wheel, twin rear wheels, and a rear axle driven directly from the engine which went behind the rider.

Fire Engines

See Dennis Brothers: Fire Engines
Sources: Grace's Guide

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