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Holroyd were motorcycles produced from 1922 to 1924* by John Spear Holroyd, of Holroyd Motors, 6, Warwick Street, Regent Street, London, W.l. .

Holroyd had been a successful competition rider before World War I. He was, for a time, associated with the Motosacoche marque and also rode Blackburne, Massey-Arran and Edmund machines and opened a retail motorcycle business in the London area.

  • 1922 By now, Holroyd had become a manufacturer in his own right and offered sporting-styled machines, powered by 248cc and 346cc JAP engines. Racing models also appeared and some were moderately successful at Brooklands.
  • 1924 Only a 346cc sv JAP model was listed. It had a three-speed Burman gearbox, all-chain drive, internal expanding brakes and a leather toolbox mounted above the fuel tank. Although this machine was an ideal sporting middleweight, sales were limited as Holroyd did not have the necessary networking to achieve national success.

1. Holroyd machines were mentioned and illustrated in The Motor Cycle in December 1921.

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