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North London Garage

NLG were the initials of North London Garage, Corsica Street, St Pauls Road, Highbury, London. They produced motorcycles from 1908 to 1915.

  • 1908 An NLG machine, ridden by Will Cook, marked its place in history when it won the first official motorcycle race staged at Brooklands. It was powered by a 944cc V-twin Peugeot and weighed less than 120lb/54.5kg.
  • 1909 Cook had further racing successes, but failed to win any world records using an NLG fitted with a massive 20hp, 90-degree, 2,700cc V-twin JAP engine. The usual, more realistic models had a 3¾hp Peugeot engine unless the purchaser requested something different.
  • 1910 Sprung forks had become standard, with the rigid ones remaining as an option. Engines listed were: 3½hp or 4½hp JAPs; 5hp and 7hp Peugeot V-twins; and an 8hp JAP V-twin.
  • 1911 There was a 4hp racer and another fitted with an Anzani V-twin engine.
  • 1912 Only JAP engines were used, usually a 4hp single or a 6hp twin.
  • 1915 By now the range had reduced to just the single and then production ceased.

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