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Wilkin Motors

Wilkin were motorcycles produced between 1920 and 1921, by an established motorcycle retailer named G. W. Wilkin, in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

The machine was conventional and well constructed, with either a 348cc or 499cc sv Blackburne engine, three-speed Sturmey-Archer gearbox and fully enclosed all-chain transmission. A lighter model was also offered and this had the 269cc Villiers two-stroke, with two-speed gear from either Albion or Burman.

The super lightweight motorcycle was a comfortable and efficient solo touring bike aimed at the sporting motorist. It was assembled from ready-made components from different manufacturers.

In September 1920, Wilkin bravely attempted to ride around the coast of Great Britain on a sidecar outfit, accompanied by an Auto-Cycle Union observer in the sidecar. The ride was completed in thirty-two days and covered 3,315miles/5,334km. Only a couple of minor problems were reported - a fractured rear fork stay and a broken exhaust pipe.

Although it proved itself to be a worthy machine, the buying public were not sufficiently impressed to make the marque a success.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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