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F. and H. Melen Motorcycles

Melen were motorcycles produced by F. and H. Melen of Cheapside, Birmingham, from 1912 to 1913 and from 1922 to 1926.
  • 1912 The first machine, a combination, was exhibited at the late Olympia Show. It had a 6hp JAP V-twin engine, Roc two-speed gear and belt drive. The wicker sidecar had a four-point attachment.
  • 1913 The enterprise was short-lived and did not last beyond that year.
  • 1922 The Melen resurfaced on a tradesman's motor carrier tricycle, in the form of a conventional motorcyle with the exception of the front. This had two wheels and a closed-top delivery box positioned between them. It therefore resembled the rather out-dated forecar of yesteryear, and was powered by a 292cc two-stroke Union engine.
  • 1924 By now, the Union engine had been replaced by a 343cc Villiers, but otherwise the design was virtually unchanged.
  • 1926 Production continued until this year and then stopped.
Sources: Grace's Guide

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