European Motorcycles
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The Rocket Man
The genius of Archie Low

Moto Rumi
An Italian Masterpiece
Moto Rumi
Germany's first shaft drive motorcycle

Sheldon's Emu is a collection of articles, letters and emails about European Motorcycles - the result of research and correspondence dating back to 1994. The site now encompasses some 35,000 pages on over 2500 different marques many of which have extensive galleries with images of vintage, veteran and classic motorcycles and scooters, mopeds and competition machines, sidecars and minicars.

There are several forums on specific marques with a host of resources for restorers and historians.

Although far from comprehensive, the site continues amass information at a steady pace. If you need information or have some to share, please contact us!

Melbourne Motorcycle Workshop
Melbourne Motorcycle Workshop
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