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Notes on some of the rarer British marques

This page lists brands of which little historical information is currently available.
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1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition
F. B. Goodchild and Co., Ltd.
London. Stand No. 31.
The "A.C." sociable tricars, for which this company are sole selling agents, have become well-known by reason of their many successes this year. Practically no alterations have been made in the new models, but types showing the various applications to which these machines are being put are of more than passing interest. The "A.C." ambulance has accommodation for two patients besides the driver, and will appeal to those interested in first-aid practice. A model has also been evolved as a gun-carriage, and this was made good use of in the recent Army Manoeuvres. For business firms also this machine has proved a boon, as is evidenced by the large number now in use. The standard pleasure type, fitted with hood, wind screen and luggage carrier, is a particularly taking little vehicle for two.

Stanley Fair 1910
F. B. Goodchild and Co., Ltd.
London. Stand No. 31.
Six models of auto-carriers will be shown on this stand, there being practically no alterations from the 1910 standard specification, 'except in a few minor details, which have received necessary attention. Among the novelties are the A.C. carburetter, which is of unique design so that the air control is automatically connected with tie throttle, thus giving extreme flexibility. The exhibit includes A.C. Speed Sociables; A.C. Speed Sociables, fully equipped; A.C. Ambulance; Auto-Carrier gun carriage, with Maxim gun complete; Auto-Carrier standard; and Auto-Carrier special Box with rail.
AC Tricar Gallery


Border Bandit
Built by Rob North and a partner in the early 1970s, possibly in California.


1939 Haythorn 4 500cc

Esta moto de construcción artesanal tenía un motor de cuatro cilindros con árbol de levas a la cabeza, refrigerado por aceite, y una novedosa transmisión de dos velocidades utilizando dos transmisiones diferentes por cadena a la rueda trasera. Este ejemplar, en el museo de Sammy Miller, es la segunda de las dos motocicletas hechas por John Haythorn, un ingeniero automotriz escocés que trabajaba para un fabricante de sobrealimentadores. Su desarrollo finalizó cuando fue trasladado para apoyar el esfuerzo de guerra en 1940, pero ya era una máquina utilizable que había sido presentada a la prensa del motociclismo.
A handcrafted motorcycle which has an oil-cooled OHC four-cylinder engine with a novel two-speed transmission using two different transmissions per chain to the rear wheel. The second of only two built is on exhibition at the Sammy Miller Museum. It was constructed by John Haythorn, a Scottish automotive engineer who worked for a supercharger manufacturer. Its development ended when he was transferred to support the war effort in 1940, but it was already a usable machine that had been presented to the motorcycling press.
Source: Sergio Scalerandi


The Xtra was an English three-wheel cyclecar built from 1922 to 1924 by Xtra Cars, Ltd., of Chertsey, Surrey.

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