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Arctic Cat Mini Bikes

A Brief History of the Marque

The son of first-generation Swedish immigrants, Edgar Hetteen (1920-2011) was raised on a farm in Minnesota. After service in WWII he established a business with his younger brother Allan Hetteen and David Johnson, who later became his brother-in-law.

The company was named Polaris Industries in 1954, and the first snow-mobiles appeared two years later. In 1960 Edgar led a group of three snowmobiles on a 1200 mile trek across Alaska. Later that year he left Polaris and established a new company, Arctic Cat.

The first Arctic Cat snowmobiles were produced in 1962-63.

Source: Warriors Of Winter, by Bill Vint

mandwconstruction at yahoo.com
1970 Arctic Cat ssscat 1
Anyone who has information on where to get parts for this mini bike particularly recoil starter thank you
Mark P Bollard
United States

Thu Dec 12 2013
70s artic cat ssscat
need recoil if any one has one

Mon Sep 10 2012
parts &info
arctic cat arctic prowler
I am looking for a recoil and info on gas mixture ,type of oil in transmission . this is for a prowler , it has a sax motor .Thanks

Sat Jul 24 2010
artic cat minibike
1971 prowler prowler
I am looking for a carberator for a 1971 artic cat prowler.It has a kowasaki motor
sabin M.N.
(Kawasaki, probably. Ed)

Tue Jul 13 2010
ray-twombly<at>yahoo dot com
Artic Cat scooter/mini bike
need sachs motor parts the bike is second generation in our family and I would like to rebuild the motor and get it runing again if you no were i can get part i have model an serial #s think it is in the '60s
Phx, AZ

Fri Oct 16 2009
sls624s at yahoo dot com
Looking to find out what the valua of as old SSScat is.
Arctic SSScat 2200-001
I've gota an old Arctic SSScat,in running condition, that I'd like to find out what it's worth.

Thu Sep 10 2009
tadpole0817 at a0l dot com
looking for parts
arctic cat prowler model # J2602
I am looking for parts for an saxonette automatic mini bike motor, can anyone help PLEASE?

Sun Sep 07 2008
farmerbill8 at juno dot com
Owners Manual and Parts List
SSSCat 1 2200-002
Anyone know where I can get an owners manual and/or parts list for an Arctic Cat SSSCat 2200-002 mini-bike? Model year 1970. Many thanks.

Tue Feb 26 2008
susiel at mts.net
engine parts
1970s artic cat mini bike 47cc
where can i find engine parts.piston and rings

Sun Nov 11 2007
rjsk-2001 at yahoo dot com
manual on a sach 47cc
arctic cat prowler 1971
i have been work on it for my 6 year old son and need all the help i can get for free he is paying for part on his own.
brook park,ohio,usa

Fri Jun 15 2007
scttwenger at yahoo.com
sachs recoil
Arctic Cat Prowler mini bike
I am looking for a recoil for a Sachs 47cc engine, this engine is in a 1971 Arctic Cat mini bike
North Dakota

Sun Mar 18 2007
caseywe at aol.com
saxonette motor
arctic prowler minibike
I'm looking for info on what type/how much oil goes in gear case. Transmission oil? 30 wt? gearlube? Any Info appreciated.
St. paul MN

Wed Feb 15 2006
dgeboy at earthlink.net
sachs 47cc motor help
I own 2 artic cat mini bikes with the 47cc sachs saxonette motor and don`t now the gas to oil ratio also what kind of oil goes in the transmission? where can a motor breakdown be found,and parts be bought? I am in process of a restoration & in need of parts. thank you for any help Jim

Arctic Cat Club America

Thu Apr 27 2006
doug-69-it at yahoo.com
I need a piston & more
Arctic SSSCat
I have a prior '70 arctic ssscat mini bike with a saxanette engine model #6133577, 2-speed automatic. it has a Bing carb. i think this is the series 1 mini bike.

May 1st 2006
No it's in pieces right now. I found the guy that bought out Arctic cat's line of mini bikes in the 80's. he claims he can get me any of the parts i need, so i think i'm set. thank you: Doug

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