European Motorcycles

Museo del Patrimonio Industriale

Musei Bologna

ex Fornace Galotti
Via della Beverara, 123
40131 Bologna

Website: museibologna.it

The 26 motorcycles on displayed on the museum's site represent a small part of a very spacious museum in Bologna, Italy.

High quality examples of marques displayed, and documented in detail on their website, include Bondi, CM, GD, MM, DEMM, ABRA, MBR, Diana, Augusta FIAB, De Togni, GD, Dall'Oglio, Minarelli and Moto Morini.

The motorcycle exhibition outlines the history of motorcycles in Italy with particular focus on Bologna, and discusses major brands active in the region during the 1920s and 30s, their creators, engineers and riders - men like Alfredo Bondi, Alfeo Rodolfi, Giulio Bonfiglioli, Luigi De Togni, Gino Maglietta, Adriano Amadori, Aurelio Paselli, Walter Sita, Amedeo Zappoli and many others.

The problems faced by the motorcycle industry under fascism and the onset of the depression era are also addressed.

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Anderson Stands
Anderson Stands
Motorcycle Stands and Workshop Lifts for Sports Bikes and Cruisers
Front and rear stands, single side swingarm stands, workbenches...