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CM Motorcycles

Manufactured: 1930-1957

Founded by Mario Cavedagna, CM of Bologna developed a reputation for very reliable motorcycles well suited to competition work. The first machine was an OHV 175cc with a three-speed Burman gearbox, with their first serious heavyweight appearing in 1933, an OHV 500cc model. This was followed by an OHC 250 in 1934. The year up until 1940 saw the range expanded with 350cc machines, and several of these remained in production throughout the war.

A new range of machines was revealed in the early postwar period with the bevel-drive OHC four-speed Kestrel 250 of 1947 along with three OHV models; the Rampichino 250, and Hawk and Griffin 500s, all with 4 speed gearboxes.

1949 saw the introduction of their first lightweight (motoleggera) 125cc two-stroke with rear suspension and telescopic forks.

This was followed in 1950 by a 500cc twin with a 180 degree crank.

The beautiful Francolini OHV 175 appeared in 1956 along with its less sporty Centauro sibling.

The final design was a 150cc two-stroke scooter which did not enter production. The Italian motorcycle industry was in turmoil with many factories closing. CM, unfortunately, was another victim.

The assets of the company were purchased by Mauro Negrini.

CM Models include:

    1931 175cc Type GD 70A Normale OHV.

    1932 175cc Turismo OHV twin-port.

    1932-1936 175cc

    1933-1936 250cc

    1933 175cc Turismo OHV single port 4 speed gearbox.

    1934 250cc Lusso OHV twin-port, Burman 4 speed, hand change, 6V Lucas electrics.

    1934 250cc Sport OHV single port, Burman with foot change.

    1934-1939 350cc

    1937-1944 500cc

    1935 250cc Type SZ, OHV, Burman 3 speed, Bosch electrics.

    1935 350cc Turismo OHV, Burman 4 speed, foot change.

    1935 500cc Lusso OHV 487.6cc, high dual exhausts, Bosch electrics.

    1935 500cc Sport OHV, similar specs to Lusso with a little more power.

    1937 350cc Type AB, OHV, rear suspension, Burman 4 speed.

    1949-1955 125cc

    1949-1953 SS 250cc

    1950-1953 160cc

    1956 Centauro 175cc Monoalbero 4T

    1956 175cc Francolini 4T

    1950s Motocarri

Sources: Henshaw, motoclub-tingavert.it

Notes. One source indicates that CM also used Astra engines.

Sat Aug 14 2010
abrantkoskimauricio<at>hotmaildot com
moto cm 500cc raice
mauricio cm
ola eu tenho 1 moto CM 500 cc raice 1947 para venda 1 abraço mauricio 18 . 97936599

Fri Dec 04 2009
lyndemotorsports at yahoodot com
CM Three Wheeler motocarro
CM Motocarro
Still needing any service manuals or books

Tue Jun 28 2005
cofranzk1 at virgilio.it
CM italian motorcycles
devo restaurare una CM 125 del 49 cerco foto o letteratura

Wed Apr 20 2005
lyndemtc at sover.net
cm motorcycles
I have a CM motorcycle (actually a three wheeler) and need any service literature available.
Thanks Stan

December 18, 2002
CM MOTORCYCLES AND LITERATURE WANTED: I am interested in finding anything on these bikes, especially the 125 and 250 two-strokes of the '50's. Also, I have a limited selection of literature which I will gladly share with others.

Bill Hooben, whh at post dot com

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