Italian Motorcycles

CM Motorcycles

Manufactured: 1930-1957

CM of Bologna produced Astra motorcycles using Astra engines of 220, 350 and 500cc, and also produced Astra three-wheelers.

Post-war motorcycles were of 250cc or less and included the Centauro 175cc.

CM Models include:

    125 125cc 1949-1955

    12 ore 160cc 1950-1953

    175cc 1932-1936

    250cc 1933-1936

    SS 250cc 1949-1953

    350cc 1934-1939

    500cc 1937-1944

    1956 Centauro 175cc 4T


Sources: Henshaw

Sat Aug 14 2010
abrantkoskimauricio<at>hotmaildot com
moto cm 500cc raice
mauricio cm
ola eu tenho 1 moto CM 500 cc raice 1947 para venda 1 abraço mauricio 18 . 97936599

Fri Dec 04 2009
lyndemotorsports at yahoodot com
CM Three Wheeler motocarro
CM Motocarro
Still needing any service manuals or books

Tue Jun 28 2005
cofranzk1 at virgilio.it
CM italian motorcycles
devo restaurare una CM 125 del 49 cerco foto o letteratura

Wed Apr 20 2005
lyndemtc at sover.net
cm motorcycles
I have a CM motorcycle (actually a three wheeler) and need any service literature available.
Thanks Stan

December 18, 2002
CM MOTORCYCLES AND LITERATURE WANTED: I am interested in finding anything on these bikes, especially the 125 and 250 two-strokes of the '50's. Also, I have a limited selection of literature which I will gladly share with others.

Bill Hooben, whh at post dot com

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