German Motorcycles

Corona Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Fahrradwerke & Metallindustrie AG
1902-1909, 1923-1924*

Founded in 1891 by Adolf Schmidt, the company made its name with bicycles.

Built in Brandenburg, early model Corona motorcycles were powered by Antoine and Fafnir engines as well as their own in-house engines which may possibly have been ZL-licenced units.* After the first war production was briefly resumed with machines powered by BMW singles of 350cc and 500cc.

In addition to motorcycles, Corona built three-wheelers and automobiles.

The company still exists, with the addition of Corona to its name.

*Sources differ on the dates, with some giving 1902-1909 & 1922, and another 1904-1909 only. One source also mentions Zedel engines.

Sources: Tragatsch, Wikipedia NL, GTU Oldtimerservice.

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