Gnome et Rhone Motorcycles

Gnome Rhone Motorcycles

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1919 - 1959
Société des Moteurs Gnome et Rhone
14 rue de Lisbonne
PARIS (8°)

Gnome et Rhone also built ABC motorcycles.

GNOME-RHONE began by producing aircraft engines before building motorcycles from 1919 to 1959. In 1960, this brand becomes SNECMA and no longer produce as engines for aircraft. Today it is integrated in the Aerospace group.

Sources: JLB-Creations; Wikipedia France

Wed May 27 2015
lrj2904 at gmail.com
Gnome Rhone R3 125cc from 1949
Gnome Rhone R3
Hi, do you know anything about a Gnome Rhone R3 125cc from about 1949? I know someone who is selling it for a widow and we can't figure out, how much it's worth. It's original and functional.

Best regards Lars

Wed Sep 29 2010

Gnome-Rhone D2
Hallo, Search Engine type D2, may be incomplete, it is important for me to cylinder and cylinder head, thank you

Thu Jan 08 2009
ian at airzone.co.za
Spare pars required
Gnome Rhone 1922 398 cc with side car
The engineer making up a new crankshaft and conrods copying my old ones lost the crankcase/engine housing. Is there anywhere I find a spare engine or housing? The engine is different to the ABC.
Johannesburg, South Afri

Wed May 09 2007
paulo.simoes at pararede dot com
Side car from Gnome-Rhone
Side car from 500cm3
I would like to receive several photos and features from side car that is available in some pictures of the book "le grand dictionaire des motos françaises";

Mon Sep 18 2006
aquazur at piscineaquazur dot com
richiesta prezzo

buongiorno , posseggo una gnome rhone tipo E2 del 1928 volevo sapere il suo valore
la mia email è aquazur at piscineaquazur dot com
distinti saluti

Translation: buongiorno, I have a gnome rhone E2 type from 1928 I wanted to know its value

Wed Apr 27 2005
senzorezo at evhr.net
sale Gnome Rhone Motorcycle
Je desire céder ma Gnome Rhone 1957 R4D du type 601559
La moto est en état de marche d'origne mais elle n'a pas roulée depuis 10 ans

Si cette offre peut interessée l'un des membre de votre association merci de faire suivre cette annonce.
Pour voir la photo de cette belle machine aller à : mulhousebienvenue.com/moll/moll-plan.htm (404)
Merci de me faire une offre.
Vous pouvez me contacter par mail en me donnant vos coordonnés ou par telephone au 00(33)03 89 59 36 61

Translation: I desire to yield my Gnome the Rhone 1957 R4D of type 601559. The motor bike is in original operating state but it has not rolled for 10 years. If this offer can interest one of the members of your association thanks for making follow this advertisement. To see the photograph of this beautiful machine go to: http://www.mulhousebienvenue.com/moll/moll-plan.htm
Thank you to quote to me. You can contact me by mall while giving me your coordinated or by telephone to 00(33)03 89 59 36 61

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