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A Brief History of the Marque

Don Godden produced frame kits and, from around 1962, complete machines with engines from outside suppliers as well as those of his own manufacture.

Godden and Harry Weslake collaborated on a project to challenge the dominating Jawa speedway machines, and in 1975 fitted a Weslake Mk1 engine to one of Don's DGS machines. Results were very satisfactory.

Don was an accomplished rider who had taken the British Longtrack Championship in 1969, with several podium finishes along the way.


March 2009
Ellwood Hybrid 500cc has just created new world record in the flying kilometer on ice in Sweden speed 111.34 kmh
Also Ellwoods 1970 Transit van created new world record 79.42 kmh with Ellwood, Nick and Dan (Sheephead)
in the www.landracing.se competition
Regards Ellwood

There are a couple of fleeting shots of the awesome Ellwood in a quite extraordinary video on the site - the music's pretty good, too! Ed.

Thu Oct 16 2008
ellwoodhybrid at hotmaildot com
Hi, ive got a new website now, www.freewebs.com/ellwoodhybrid (404) showing preliminary pics of the totally mental prototype ellwoodhybrid 1300cc single cylinder project machine supermono pictures

Wed Sep 17 2008
scott.kudrna at comcast.net
battery box
godden mk2 ?
looking for schematic or a box for a points style godden speedway bike.

Thu Dec 13 2007
trudy at xnet.co.nz
Hi My son is riding a godden frame with 200cc motor for Junior speedway. Im making a race bib and he would like just a godden sign on the front,But I cant seem to find a godden badge or logo...help!
New Zealand

Tue Aug 01 2006
ellwoodhybrid at hotmail dot com
Hi , i race with this homemade hybrid , using a godden speedway engine as the basic engine , then add reed valves and use the crankcase pressure to pump up to the 4 valve head.it has haltech injection.ive been working in it for 12 years.Hope you find it interesting. home page is www.ellwoodhybrid.rocks.it (404)
best regards , john ellwood.
hi , wheels from 250 lc , front brakes isr , frame homemade design chrome -moly, g/box early quaife 4 speed , I race in supermono , mostly sweden finland norway , and the odd international european race when i can afford it.
hi again heres a close up photo of engine enclosed , and you should check out www.ellwoodhybrid.rocks it (404)
.... yes as you guessed it runs on 2 stroke oil , but with a separate pump.i also add a little redex to lube the valves.

There is a small silver booze bottle on the forward frame , which provides a water/alcohol mist for extra oxygen and cooling in the combustion chamber.

The only thing thats missing is an intercooler , but theres not a lot of space left.

best regards, john

Redex! Haven't heard that word for a few years, and then some! We used to have Redex trials here in Australia in the 1950's, often won by a fellow with the memorable name of Gelignite Jack Murray.

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