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Mon Mar 10 2014
stale.rise at
ISO Diva
Do you know if there is possible to buy New engineparts for Iso Diva 150ccm and where?

Sat Dec 21 2013
ISO 150 1957 spares
ISO 150  1957
I am in the process of restoring this motorcycle and need some parts like the front light/speedometer. Also looking for a manual if possible. Attached picture only an example of how that specific model looks like and not my motorcycle.


Fri Oct 25 2013
ISO Scooter 150
ripristino ISO
Ciao, va bene?
En visto il tuo sito che si sa abbastanza di vecchie biciclette.
Recetemente iniziato a ripristinare un 1960 150cc Scooter eredità ISO che ho ricevuto da mio nonno. Ha portato in Italia.
La mia ISO è dipinto e in esecuzione, ma trovare estoutendo guai pezzi speciali.
Mi potete aiutare?
Sono brasiliano e vivo vicino a São Paulo.

São Paulo, Brasil

Mon Aug 22 2011
Brochures, Folders, Photos WANTED
Isothermos  +  Iso Scooter  +  Motos
I search old original brochures, fotos etc. with the italian
(+spanish)built Iso and Isothermos Scooters and Motorbikes!
Thank's for offer's!
Hans from switzerland

Wed Sep 15 2010
owners club ?
Isothermos 125
Do you know of an Isomoto owners club please
pe303de, norfolk, england

Thu Oct 15 2009
Iso Milano Piston & rings
Iso Milano (Diva)
I have an oversized piston and rings for an ISO Milano (Asso)

It wasn't cheap, but i needed (and found) the next oversize up.

Make me an offer!!!!
isle of wight

Wed Mar 03 2010
Just found this site. I need to sell my scooter which has been ina garage since the 60s and will need restoration (engine probably eized and light switch broken). I weas thinking of ebay UK, buyer collects but does anyone have other suggestions on best way to sell? Thanks, Dave
Worcester, UK


Wed Sep 16 2009
Aquila seats
Iso Diva 150
Anybody know where I could obtain a set of "flattened" springs for an early Aquila Continale seat?

Sun Aug 30 2009
ISO scooter
hi,saw that there where many looking fore parts fore ISO.I have many nos parts fore these scooters,
regards michael

Sat Jun 27 2009
Iso Milano 150
Please can anybody point me in the right direction for information on restoring this scooter. My father-in-law and I have two (2) of these scooters and hope to make one good scooter out of the two. We desperatly need information on obtaining a new piston & rings. Any further information will be grately appriciated.

Many thanks

Mark Lewis

Sat Jan 24 2009
ISO Scooter
Wanted 1955
I´m locking för a ISO Scooter 1955 years model

Thu Dec 18 2008
Iso Milano 150cc
I urgently need a piston, rings and a barrel for a 1960 Iso Milano scooter that I am in the process of restoring
South Africa

Mon Aug 25 2008
iso scooter 59
preciso logotipos
porto  portugal

Thu Mar 29 2007
Iso Parts
Am restoring very early TQ race car that used ISO scooter rims 3" front & 4" back
Need help to locate replacement rims

Fri Oct 13 2006

Take a look at my website about Iso:

Fri Jun 02 2006
ISO 150
Do you need this photo ?
It is my ISO model "150", 150cc, year 1957.
Casarza Ligure (GE - ITALY)


Sun Sep 18 2005
quisiera saber si tienen el manual de la moto iso 175 cuatro tiempo

Sat Jul 02 2005
old iso scooter found cyprus
I have found an old scooter in an old village in cyprus the owner has the original log book dated 1946 to the british colonys. THE SCOOTER IS VERY RUSTY BUT COMPLETE AND THE COMPRESSION IS THERE.i no nothing of these things but if you contact me i have the owners tel no, alan loxton uk joy

Thu Jun 30 2005
Hello this is a very hot
mail-adress incl. the link's for all ISO Frind's!

Swiss-Regards from Hans

Thu Apr 07 2005
ISO MOTO 125 CON SIDECAR 1953 on Ebay Italy

Thu Apr 07 2005
llorenspuiggros at hotmailimg
Hola, Soy un espanyol aficionado a las motocycletas Iso. Estoy interesado en comprar algun modelo, la Iso 125 sport o la 175 4T.
Me hace falta más imformación, si seria posible mandarme la motocicleta i qual es la forma de pago.
Esperando respuesta les mando un saludo

Robotrans: Hello, I am Spanish become fond of to Iso motorcycles. I am interested in buying algun model, sport Iso 125 or the 175 4T. More imformación, if serious possible needs to me to send to me to motorcycle i qual is the mode of payment. Waiting for answer them control a greeting

Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005
subject: informationfor isothermos 2nd series
Email: marco.foschi at
message: can you send me catalogue of replacement parts for isothermos
thank you

ISO AUTO-MOTOVEICOLI Advertisment 1955.jpg
ISO AUTO-MOTOVEICOLI Advertisment 1955
Iso range advertisment including 125cc & 250cc motorcycles


ISO AUTOCARRO 400cc 1957.jpg
ISO AUTOCARRO 400cc 1957

Isothermos 125 Roller mentioned at
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