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Manufactured: France 1912-1957
177 rue Rambuteau
MÂCON (Saône-et-Loire)

Koehler-Escoffier was founded in 1912 by Marcel Escoffier (d 1914) and Julius Koehler, formerly at Magnat-Debon.

The Koehler-Escoffier "Mandoline" of 1914 - named for the shape of its engine - was a 500cc V-twin driving a two-speed gearbox from Enfield; the successful marriage bore fruit, winning the Argenteuil hillclimb and a gold medal in the Paris-Nice rally, making the marque one of the most famous in France. Production was suspended during the remainder of the war years.

Roger Guignet built 1000cc OHC V-twins and OHC 500 singles in the 1920s. The marque also used proprietory engines from MAG , AMC and Chaise. Monet-Goyon took over production after 1929, and after 1945 machines of both marques were virtually identical. Production ceased in 1957 when Monet-Goyon folded.

Models included
K35S 350cc, "Super Standard" - Chaise engine with overhead valves and twin exhaust -1929 and 1931.
Post-war models were mostly powered by Villiers 98cc & 250cc engines and were graced with J.A.Gregoire rear suspension.

Notable riders: George Monneret and Jean Eddoura.

Sources: JLB-Creations

Fri Aug 15 2014
cr33217 at telenet.be

Koehler-Escoffier 1913 AZ - rare unknow model

Hello Sheldon,

I am Michael Reyntjens, from Belgium, Europe, maybe you still remember me, from our mailings about the French Monet-Goyon/Koehler-Escoffier motorcycles and some Belgian motorcycles,years ago.
As I'am always interested in the history of the brand Koehler-Escoffier, where you can read about on the site Monet Goyon.net,(http://www.monet-goyon.net/HistoriqueKE.html), a history I always like to complete.

So , may I ask you the origine of the pictures about the Koehler-Escoffier, 1913 A-Z on your site.
This model, never seen before, could (?) be one the prototypes of the first Koehler-Escoffier, made by Jules Escoffier, before the association Koehler-Escoffier officially presented their first model, the mandoline 500cc twin.

I would be very greatfull, if you would help me with a any info : an address, e-mail, telephone, of the someone who provided you these photograps, so I can contact this person for further info about this model, info to be added to the history of Koehler-Escoffier, on the site Monet Goyon.net.

Thank you for help, Kind regards

Michael Reyntjens Belgium (Europe)

Sunday 18th August 2014

Thanks for your prompt reply.


Please have a look to the above link. On the forum there, you will find some exchanges of messages in the year 2003 , between Joe Koller of Wisconsin
(Jonnycola) and me (Miccccha) about this famous 1912 Koehler-Escoffier modell.

Some short history about the machine:

From the beginning on (1912), Jules Escoffier, experimented with V-twin 500cc engines from Magnat-Debon, a small motorcycle factory in Dijon, where he
worked as a technician and test driver. Later he married the daughter of Joseph Magnat, one of the owners of the factory.

Internal discussions about the management of the factory, and the development of new models, made him leave Magnat-Debon in1911 and starting his
own factory togheter with Marcel Koehler, an engineer and businessman, creator of the later 500cc V-twin engine of the first Koehler-Escoffier "Mandoline".

For sure, there never has been a Koehler-Escoffier 500 cc monocylinder engine. From the beginning they started with a V-twin engine.

On the forum a member, Ken Lee thought it may be a German "Fafnir" engine as its seems to be alike, but personally I'm almost sure that it's a Swiss
Motosacoche 500 cc monocylinder engine. I have to take a look in my documentation about the brand Motosacoche.

As soon I have more news about, you will hear from me.



PS : In attachment , the images I received from Joe Koller in 2005

Koehler-Escoffier-1912-500cc-1.jpg will be posted 1408

Fri Jan 17 2014
longsmotoservice <at> yahoo.com
 Koehler-Escoffier 98CC
Hello, A client of mine has a disassembled Koehler-Escofffier with a 98CC motor. I'm trying to find a source with assembly / parts info...Can you please help..? Thanks, Eric Chicago, US

Thu May 24 2012
bodgergrove<at>yahoodot com
Koehler Info.
Koehler Escoffier
Looking for Year, Model and anything else before I begin restoration.
Wisconsin, USA

Fri Apr 01 2011
allan-em-2002<at>hotmaildot com
Koehler-Escoffier with a MAG 350 sv motor
Motosachoche 7LS4S
I have a Koehler-Escoffier 350 model PS47 #N622 where can i get parts and does anyone know what year it may be?
Ontario Canada

Mon Feb 28 2011
Any idea what the value of this bike is?
Az, U.S.A.

The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Sun Jan 23 2011

koehler escoffier
ik heb een stoere Koehler voor op te maken later wie weet of hij te koop komt funny

Thu Nov 12 2009
frankkkoser at web.de
Infos ,
koehler escoffier ls4l?
suche jegliche art von Infos

Thu Oct 08 2009
mquica at dimm.upv.es

tipo de moto Koehler-Escoffier
necesito saber caracteristicas de esta moto


Wed Nov 14 2007
lucdejonge at pandora.be
koehler escoffier
ik bezit een koehler maar zonder papieren hoe geraak ik daar aan.heb wel de orginele nummers.
mvg LUC

Thu Oct 25 2007
lucdejonge at pandora.be
koehler escoffier
wie helpt mij met het vinden van model en bouwjaar van deze moto

Translation: Can someone please help identify the model and year of production of this motorcycle?

Sat Oct 27 2007
ik heb een koehler escoffier maar weet niet welk type of model.ik had contact met ? maar deze moest nummers hebben hier geef ik ze:
als iemand mij hier mee kan helpen en misschien weet wat de motor waard is of er veel van gemaakt zijn e.n.z. ik dank u bij voorbaat,

Robotrans: I have koehler escoffier but weet not which type or model.ik had contact with? but these had numbers have here give I them: q6v9 125 7449 if someone can help me and perhaps weet what the engine landlord or is much of is made there e.n.z. I thanks you in advance,

Koehler-Escoffier plunger 125cc twostroke.jpg
Koehler-Escoffier plunger 125cc twostroke

Tue Feb 13 2007
fglass.fcs at gmaildot com
koelher escoffier 100cc
This is a koehler escoffier that i restaured that i would like to know the value since i want to sell it

See the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices

Koehler-Escoffier 1949 100cc.jpg
Koehler-Escoffier 1949 100cc

Thu May 25 2006
RM2 at chello.be
Koehler-escoffier site
For info about Koehler-escoffier take a look at :

Fri Mar 17 2006
buick at zeelandnet.nl
koehler escoffier
i own a koehler escoffier
type starlett i only found the starlett from monet whats the difference

Thu Nov 03 2005
koehleres at laposte.net
plankoehler escoffier
Bonjour, je possède une koehler escoffier fabriqué à Mâcon en Saone et Loire et je recherche des plans pour la remettre en etat, principalement la bobine d'allumage Morel type E1 ansi que le circuit électrique

Robotrans: Hello, I possess a koehler escoffier made in Mâcon en Saone and the Loire and I seek plans to give it in state, mainly the standard igniter coil Morel E1 ansi that the circuit electric. (Wiring diagram, probably)

Koehler Escoffier 98cc 1951 at Ebay UK
Villiers Engine (made under licence in France). Villiers engine is model- S2G-A
Hand Pull Start

February 11th 2005
125 CM3 Koehler Escoffier at Ebay.fr

December 29, 2002
I have an Koehler Escoffier I my garage, and I send you a picture for your information.
The motorbike is build in 1929 and carry an MAG motor - 350 cm³ The motor is from Switzerland and build by Motorsachose in Geneve. The bike stand unrestaurated and with all chrome and everything in originally condition. The bike is fit for fight and I sure will drive the most famous Danish Oldtimer next spring.
I know that the picture is to dark but I hope you can see some details.
Ole Fjerbæk -- Denmark -- ofjmf at image.dk

Koehler Escoffier.jpg
Koehler Escoffier

September 25, 2002
modèle koehler escoffier k.s.3. avec carte grise complète...
See French Motorcycle Forum

Koehler Escoffier LHS.jpg
Koehler Escoffier LHS

December 28, 2000
Hello, this is a picture of a Koehler Escoffier she is standing in our living room. I hope that you like this picture.
greetings Ruud Klootwijk from Holland -- annette.bar at wanadoo.nl

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