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Monark Swedish, 1913-1926 sold as "Esse" then changed to the Monark name 1927-1975
The 1930 Monark M10 used a Blackburne engine, and the Monark M560 Blue arrow used a JLO. Several mopeds from the 1970s used Franco Morini engines.
Early post-war lightweights used Villiers engines, and at least one (1948 M70) apparently used Puch. Several from this era used the JB engine, and a few used Husqvarna. The M112 of 1957-58 used an Ardie BD201, and CZ engines were fitted to 1950-52 M200 models. Sachs engines were fitted to racing models of the early 1970s (50cc RoadRacing) and to moped-like stepthroughs of the 1980s.

Monark models include:

1930 M10
1957-58 M112 (Ardie BD201)
1950-52 M200 (CZ)
1959 Monark 500 Cross-Replica
1960s Monark Monza ILO TS50 (possibly a rebadged Goricke Supersport)

Other related Swedish marques include Albin-Monark, Crescent, Erlan, Maraton, Vimpel, Centrum, Wano, Stanley and MCB.

Wed Mar 11 2015
hakan.wasen at outlook.com
Monark Blackburne Nr 3 1929
I would like a forum topic Blackburne engines. A lot of classic motorcykles are using Blackburne engines,Cotton,Rex-Acme, Nearacar, french Motobecane swedish Monark etc. By creating a topic for Blackburne we, Blankburne engines owners can easier look for spares "engine friends etc".

Mon Jan 05 2015
aron.hormann at yahoo.com
Monark motor cycle with pedels
Monark ( on chain guard ). Not sure at this time
Motor is gone says monark on chain guard fram is nice black org.paint with red pinstripe.does have pedals and single spring springer front end.what year iam I looking at.Can send photos and frame numbers.not looking to sell just info please.Aron.
Iowa ou

Sun Jun 23 2013
Monark Jlo, 250 c.c.
photos 1.948
I need the original picturr for restauration the my moto
cali- combia

This is my Monark JLO,1948.
My idea the original colour is bleu ????.
The motor is working good and electrical sytem is the other bike.
I need your apretation about this.
I have other bike,175 c.c. and it have two scape pipe, is black colour,I think the model is 1.954???
Do you speak francaises??


Monark 1948 JLO-250 JCBotero

Thu Feb 21 2013
verification on year and model Monark
MCB Monark Enduro / T-Model?
Please help me figure out if this is a 1970 Enduro T. Thank you


Monark 1970c MCB Enduro

Mon May 28 2012
chrs-bghmn<at> yahoo.com

monark albin mc 42
looking for manual spares anything

Wed Jun 06 2012
monark from '51
monark unknown
hello all

i'd love some help in identifying the bike in the picture. it has a dkw 250 motor and 4-speed trans. is this an unusual combination? a custom perhaps?

any info much appreciated!

stockholm, sweden


Monark DKW 250

Sun Dec 18 2011

Monark Monza
Hi, I have this 50cc Monark Monza with the ILO TS50 engine. I believe it is a Göricke Supersport assembled in Finland by Finnish Monark Company in early sixties

Monark 1960s-Monza-ILO.jpg posted 1112

Sat May 01 2010
Monark Motorcyckels
Monark 500 cross Replica 1959
Monark cross 500cc
Replica type "Sten Lundin 1959"

Monark 1959 Cross-Replica


Monark Motorcyckels
Monark Albin 1942 Army M-42 Monark Albin 1942 Army M-42
Monark Albin 1942 M-42

Monark Albin M-42 1942

Sat Nov 21 2009
larry at sbcglobaldot com
Sachs engines
Monarch all
Small point but under the brands tht the engines were used omitted Monarch

Tue Jun 02 2009
cb at citrusmomdot com
monark mx 125
Looking for air box swingarm tank etc

Sun Feb 15 2009
mmalaske at aoldot com
1952 Monarch 125cc
Monarch 125cc
I need stock tail light assembly complete and any other parts if possible. Thank You
U.S.A., Minnesota

Fri Dec 05 2008
emerson at industry.com.br
Monark in Brazil
Monark You help me
I got this bike here in Brazil and need someone to help me find out the year it was built and maybe send me some pics that can help me to work on it. Thank you! Emerson Schmidlin

Monark Brazil, plunger frame

Fri Jan 18 2008
tore.hansson at glocalnet.net
Ilo 250 cc one-cylinder engine
Monark/Ilo M500 Erlan
Hello I have a motorcycle with a 250cc 2-stroke one-cylinder Ilo engine It has a 65mm piston in rather bad shape and I can not find a new piston Do you where to look? Thanks and best regards Tore


Fri Sep 07 2007
per.hilding at semidiesel.se
Oil in gearbox?
Monark 1254
What oil should I us in the gearbox? It´s a Franco Morini S5 gyromat.


Fri Apr 06 2007
k-l at netatonce.net
Workshop manual or just data
Monark M10 1930 Blackburne engine
Please can some one help me with a Workshop manual (a copy or something)

Monark M10 1930

Mon Feb 26 2007
skolesps at eunet.yu
Parts & catalogues for Monark M560 Blue arrow
Monark M560 JLO M 2-125
I need any catalogues and sam specific parts. Please help!
Belgrade, Serbia

Tue Aug 22 2006
carlrholm at yahoo.com.au
Monark pins and patches?
1940s 2-stroke
Hi, I've recently become the proud owner of a Monark, and I'm looking for pins and/or patches featuring the Monark name. Any clue as to where I might track something down?
Bonn, Germany

There are a few sites which deal with Monark here
One of these may be helpful. Ed.

April 7, 2001
Monark Swedish, 1913-1926 sold as "Esse" then changed to the Monark name 1927-1975 -- flattracker1 at homedot com

Dec 17, 2004
Hi, found this pic among my archives.
beloved at nomodomodot com


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