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Notes on the History of the Marque

One of the largest manufacturers of bicycles and motorcycles.
"Moto" is French for motorcycle; "bécane" is French slang or argot for "bike".
After bankruptcy, the company was reconstituted as MBK (pronounced "em-bay-kah.")
The Motobécane trademark has been revived, but the current machinery from the far east have no connection with France aside from the name.

16 rue Lesault
PANTIN (Seine).

Motobecanes using Blackburne engines included
1927 350cc Type G, G2, G3 & Type H 500cc
1928 Type G, G2 & G3, 1929 350cc Type K, K2, K3 & 500cc Type H & H2
1929 probably the Type L competition machine

Motobecanes of the 1940s:
1947 Poney 50 Cyclomoteur
1947 D45A 125cc
1949 Mobylette
1949 Poney 60cc
1949 Z2C 175cc Mobysport
1949 R46C 350cc Grand Sport

Mopeds include:
Motobecane 40T 1976-78
Motobecane 50V

Sources: JLB-Creations

Mon Aug 08 2016
paintboot at gmail.com
Motobecane  Petrol tank
Motobecane MB1 circa 1923 onwards ? Motobecane MB1 circa 1926
Hi I am having a sort out of some of my old motorcycle bits recently, this petrol tank is a Motobecane 1920s but i can not find one with the  identical badge that is on this tank, I was wondering if it can be identified by the badge which you can see is very finely hand painted, or if anyone would be interested in seeing it for their reference. In nice condition for its age no dents or rust I have considered selling it but not sure as it is a rather nice ornament at the moment.

Thank you
John Callaghan

Thu Jul 28 2016
date research
motobecane D45A
Hello I try to know the production year for this motor-bike
frame: 449920
motor:  450002
can you help

Motobecane-1945-D45a-Pologne-1.jpg will be posted-1607

Fri Jan 15 2016
Hanqual at yahoo.com
Kick starter and clutch for motobecane
Motobecane 250 Type E
I am looking for a clutch/transmission kick starter for this bike...any ideas?
Coronado, California

Wed Jul 15 2015
richjsheridan at yahoo.com
magneto access
Motobecane 50V
How do I access the magneto. Please provide details as to how to remove the magneto cover.
Trenton NJ. USA

Sat Feb 21 2015
antoterra at sapo.pt
Motobécane z23c 1961 value
1961-07-04 z23 c
I have a motobécane z23c of 1961 (on pieces) and one person want to buy it, but I dont know how much that value. Can you help me with the price?

Wed Feb 11 2015
rado38 at abv.bg
Hello ! I have Motobecane M1 TUM-143 50cc. I wonder if you can help me with this problem. Well, when I am riding my motorcycle and everytime I brake it, it stop working. I thing it is something with the clutch. I hope you can help me with sending me some videos or photos 📷 whice will help me. Thank you!

Wed Apr 16 2014
1947 pony
motobecane pony
Looking for ignition coils for 1945 pony. Can you help at all please
sussex England UK

Sat Mar 22 2014
How can I tell what year my bike is?

Mon Dec 02 2013
Hydraulic Brake Lever/seal
Mobecan GT
looking for brake lever/seal for mobecane 1982
United Kingdom

Sat Sep 21 2013
tank transfers
motobecane motobecane 175
please can we order 3 of the Motobecane tank transfers with the indians heads, how much are they, we need them shipped to the uk?

You will find suppliers of Motobecane logos listed at Bikelinks Badges & Decals

Wed Aug 28 2013

Dating certificate Motobecane LT 125

Can you help me to find the date my LT 125 was manufactured please.

Tue Apr 02 2013
motobecane selling??
Motobecane sp93 sports 1973
I just put this bike on ebay thinking it was worth nothing but seems like its very popular i just wondered if you felt that i have done the correct thing or should i be looking to sell diferently?
wiltshire, uk


Mon Jul 09 2012
owners manual
Ateliers Motobecane (motercycle) Type 50 - 1979
Need owners manual and repair manual
Alford, Florida USA

Wed Aug 08 2012
Motobecane Super Moby 50
Ho acquistato questo Motobecane del 1976. E' nuovo, mai circolato. Mi serve il manuale d'uso. Esempio: C'? un ugello per estate inverno, dove va installato?

Fri Mar 09 2012
Frame Number
Motobecane AV3
 I have a Motobecane needing regustered in the UK but unfortunately i cannot seem to locate the frame number on the bike, could you please point me in the right direction to find the chasis number. It is the twin down tube type model.
Many thanks
Northern Ireland

Tue Feb 07 2012
artemiza1313<at> yahoo.com
need parts
motobecane 50cc 1970
I need ..plato de pedales.. y centrifuga de la polea del motor
Bogota, Colombia

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