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Classic Motorcycle Numbers

Motorcycle Serial Numbers & VIN Numbers

Motorcycle Serial Number Locations
These vary considerably from marque to marque

Engine Numbers
Check these locations:
Below the barrel stamped into the crankcase. On the front of the engine stamped either side of the crankcase join. Below the clutch / transmission area. Rear of cases below carburettor area.

Frame Numbers.
By far the most common location is on the steering head. It may also be found on one of the rear downtubes or on the front downtubes.
Other locations include: top tube below fuel tank; lower frame rails; swing-arm pivot area.
Motobecane Mobylette 1968: Forward of the rear wheel axle on left side.

    pre-1958: Directly below saddle on upper frame rail joint.
    1958-59: rear of front downtube.
    1960-67: right downtube below headstock.

Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass
Tanks, seats, guards and fairings for classic bikes, cafe racers and post-classic motorcycles.