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Aquila Seats

Brief History of the Marque: Aquila
Aquila seats are made in Italy and have been available for motorcycles such as Maserati, Rokon, Bianchi and Iso Diva.

There is a note about Aquila under FMB Telaimotor

Aquila 1953 - 1955
Aquila Rossa 1926 - 1927

glen at gtpersonaltrainer.co.uk
Aquila 125?
I've recently come across a Aquila 11 Spring motorcycle seat, I've attached a few photos. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I am looking to sell it; is there a specific website where I can sell it to someone who actually needs it for a restoration of their own bike? Rather than just putting it on eBay? And can you advise what such an item would be worth?
Glen Tither
St Helens, Merseyside, UK

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Sat Mar 02 2013
spare parts
Bianchi Spaviero
I'm looking for a aquilla seat, a back licht, left carterpart of a Bianchi Spaviero...
Posted under Bianchi

Fri Dec 02 2011
rick<at>rickroller dot com
Aquila saddle seats
Rokon Trailbreaker
I have two Aquile saddle seats off of two different 1968 Rokons will sell one or both
the leather is shot but bith have flat spring sets and badges
Sandy Utah

Wed Apr 06 2011
suprman29<at>yahoo dot com
aquilla seat (rokon)
rokon rokon
i am in need of an aquilla seat from a late '60's ROKON trailbreaker, any clue where i could get one (or 2 since i own 2 of them?)
upstate, ny

Wed Sep 16 2009
Aquila seats
Iso Diva 150
Anybody know where I could obtain a set of "flattened" springs for an early Aquila Continale seat?

Tue Aug 04 2009
fu_an<at>Hotmail dot com
Regarding aquila seat
Vespa 150
Hello Iowa,
I came across the website when searching for this seat.. and find that you've bought at an auction.
How much does it cost? It is a Vespa seat back on early 1960's.. I have a Vespa 150 1965 and currently have it restored. I am in negotiation process to buy it at around 100usd from a hobbyist here in

Hope this information help, Have a great day

Tue Dec 12 2006
bkkimzey<at>allvantage dot com
Aquila Motorcycle Seat
I am not sure
Hello. At an auction this weekend I bought two big boxes of motorcyle seats. One is marked Aquila Made in Italy. Can you tell me anything about this bike and what year it was manufactured? We are trying to research all the parts, looks to be a large variety, Harley, Triumph and Aquila. Thank you for any help you can give us.

Aquila seat.jpg
Aquila seat

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