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6V Electrics on British Motorcycles

Lucas logo

Most early British machines, if not all, were positive earth. American vintage machines were negative earth, as is the norm with all cars and motorcycles now.

12V Conversions

6V Exide Rubber batteries

Aprilia Electrics
Aprilia made numerous electrical components including switchblocks and lighting before becoming a motorcycle manufacturer. Aprilia components have been used by Ducati and Moto Guzzi, among others.

Bosch Electrics

Bosch logo

Alkaline Batteries

Bosch Magneto info from other forums:

Bosch Mag Details
This may assist in getting the right Bosch mag for the job.

Z = closed magnet. ( D = open magnet )
E = 45 m.m. spindle height. ( A = 35 m.m. spindle height)
V = vee twin ( 1 = single cyl, 2 = 180 degree twin. )
Slip ring determines whether the mag is 42/ 45/ 50 degrees.

D series mags with open magnets generally finished in 1911 although you will find some 1912 models fitted with them.

I do have a list of serial numbers for Bosch mags from 1900 to 1915 and could post them if readers think its necessary.

1915 Bosch mags started from serial number 1798093.

Examples: DA1 is an open magnet,35 m.m. spindle height, single cylinder mag and the ZEV is a closed magnet, 45m.m. spindle height, vee twin mag.

More information: go-faster.com/BoschMagnetoVeteran.html

CEV Electrics

CEV Headlights, Tail lights, switches, flywheel magnetos...

CEV products have been utilised on numerous marques including Aprilia, Batavus, Beta, Bianchi, Carabela, Cimatti, DEMM, Fantic, Garelli, Intramotor, Italjet, Malaguti, Motron, Negrini, Pacer, Peugeot, Puch, Sachs, Smiley, Sparta, Testi, Tomos Moto Guzzi and Husqvarna.

Electric Ignition Co of Highgate St, Birmingham

Femsa Electonics
Femsa ignition coils and alternators have been used in Bultaco, Vespa and Husqvarna

Motoplat Electrics
Motoplat has been used by Laverda, Cagiva, Ducati, Husqvarna, KTM and Bultaco, among others.

bultaco frontera 125cc
flywheel part no.motoplat 9600061

Basic Motoplat Testing

More information:
Motoplat Directory at Bikelinks

U. H.
German manufacturers of motorcycle magnetos circa 1913 1914.

Villiers made many electrical components including headlights.

Wico - used on JAP stationary engines, and some Cushman scooters.
Wico-Pacy used on BSA Bantams - see British Resources
Wico EK Magnetos
Try also tractor-manuals-downunder.com/Magnetoinformation.html

Dynamo identification
by M21 on 09 Jun 2009 11:30 pm

I have a motorcycle dynamo I am trying to identify, so I can find it a home.

It is about 3"/75mm in diamter, and 7'/175mm long, with an offset shaft. It's almost an exact copy of a "short" Lucas E3, except the the end cover has a diagonal section on it, with two studs marked 16 and 18 for connecting to it. The drive end has a manufacturer's symbol on it, a rectangular box with what looks like half a gear pinion sticking up above it, with a round symbol in the middle, and the letters M 9. Beneath it it is labled P9a.6V.7,5A.

It has a European rather than English feel to it, and I have a vague memory that someone once told me it might be polish. Any thoughts?

Tue Oct 13 2015
peteralex4 at yahoo.com
Sg 250
Hello! Where could I find a replacement bulb? This was a Philips, 6622, 6volt,35/35 watt. Any help appreciated! Thanks very much.
Ohio, USA

Wed Jan 29 2014
frappi AT wcoil.com
ZEV Magnetoon the JAP engines
I am interested to know what years of JAP engines used the ZEV Bosch Magneto. Any info that you have thats easy to access that gives reference to the ZEV Magneto as used on Jap engines.Thank You,Mark Ohio USA

Sat Feb 14 2009
villiers headlamp
MC tempo transport 1950 ,villiers 125cc
i want some parts for my old villiers headlamp on my Tempo transport 1950 mod with 125 cc engine.
my old haedlamp is marked "Villiers VEC Wolverhampton".
I want glas ,reflektor and switch.
Nordfjordeid, Norway

Fri Nov 23 2007
foxfields1<at>btinternet dot com
1927 Flying Eight ( KTOR ) engine
what type /make of mag should it be

Tue May 08 2007
Tail Light Bulb Replacement? (Long Narrow Type)
Bianchi 125 CC 1954-58
Anyone know a source for 50s Tail Lights? I need the long cylindrical tail light replacement bulb for the Bianchi. It looks like a glass fuse w/ pointy ends to fit inside the connector mount. See Foto. Thanks. Scott
Thanks Sheldon, I found the "Festoon" bulb at scooterworks in Chicago, IL USA

See also classicandvintagebulbs.com

Fri May 11 2007
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all makes
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Sun Mar 04 2007
Electric motorcycle
Electric Varta from Sweden?
I write for an online motorcycle community with an emphasis on electric motorcycles ( electricmotorcycles.net ). I have located a conversion or manufacture from the late 60's/ early 70's online that does not have much info about it.
The owner does not have much information to provide. Is there anyone that can help fill in the gaps?


Fri Nov 03 2006
Ruthardt in Stuttgardt
Could this magneto possible fit in a Rudge or?
many thanks /Peter


Wed Sep 20 2006
Type F2 no:500016
Where can it belongs to,
motorcycle or something else?
thanks /peter


That brand of magneto (Ruthardt) was fitted to a Rudge, and probably other marques of the era.


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