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Dellorto Carburettors are fitted to a great number of marques including Aermacchi, Bianchi BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Laverda...

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Sun Dec 18 2016
normwills at
Dellorto UBF20BS Carb or Carb Top
Moto Morini 1961 Corsaro Veloce
looking for carb top or complete carb
Melbourne Australia

Thu Oct 17 2013
UB24B2 Carburater
Harley Davidson SS250cc
Looking for overhaul kit for a 1967 SS250cc HD Sprint UB24B2 Carburater

Wed Mar 20 2013
dell'orto PHBN 12
i have take the carb out inorder to clean it and put it back in the bike, however i have lost the callibration specs for the idleing screw and the air screw as could you help me? asif the screws were out comletely, how far do i put them in until its factory settings
Norwich, NR5

From a Vespa forum:
General rule of thumb on the air screw is 1 1/2 turns out, this is the factory setting for all dellorto round slide and most flat slide carbs, normally if you turn the screw 1/2 a turn either way you should really adjust pilot jet. 1/2 turn in means rich pilot jet so go down 1 point on the jet same with 1/2 turn out on the screw go up on the pilot jet. then bring air screw back to 1 1/2 setting.

...thank you so much for the reply, I tried your suggestion and it runs like a beauty,
I have a Peugeot xps 50, with an am6 engine and dellorto carb, it now runs perfectly so hats off you your and your greater wisdom don't know what I'd have done.

Many many High regards

Zach x

Tue Apr 17 2012
dellorto carb
dellorto T1-9 S
I have a dellorto T1.9S carb what does it fit ,bore is 9mm have been told it was fitted to 1951 bianchi can you help thanks .ps on top of float bowl it says British made under exclusive license Dellorto

Tue Apr 10 2012
HELLO I'M LOOKING FOR Dellorto SB22F TO A BIANCHI 500M 1936 YEARS and airfilter to.
Jan Folkesson

Fri Apr 06 2012
dellorto shb 19.19 d
hallo ik heb een dellorto shb 19.19 d en die wil ik graag afstellen maar nou zitten er drie instel schroefen rechts en ik wil graag weten waar die drie voor zijn voor ik die wil gaan afstellen
mvg hendrie

Fri Apr 02 2010
mckitchie<at>aol dot com
carb tech support
1972 benelli enduro 175
Hello, I need a new needle valve and seat but i dont know what seat to get. the carb is a Dellorto vhb 22. i have four different "seat" options, 150,170,200,225. i just dont know which one i need. If you could point me in the right direction that would be great, thanks

Both Ducati Gowanloch and Road & Race Motorcycles are knowledgeable in that department. You'll find them listed here:

Sun Oct 05 2008
wenjim1<at>gmail dot com
motorcycle carburators
Dell'Orto PHF (36mm)
I need (2) needle valve and seat assembly
part # 8649-300 Does anybody know a source?
Kapaau,HI 96755

Gowanloch in Australia would be a good place to start

Wed Apr 12 2006
sidjones at
SHA 1412L
looking for Emulsion tubes and seat for Dellorto SHA1412 L Carb
Used on a Comer 50cc racing go kart. (Cadett Class)
South Africa

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