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Bianchi Motorcycles

A Brief History

Manufactured Italy 1897 to 1967

A pioneer of motorcycling, Edoardo Bianchi's firm began in Milano and built motorcycles from 1897 to 1967. His first motorised bicycle appeared in 1897, and an automobile in 1900.

Born in 1865, Bianchi was the product of Martinitt orphanage where he was taught, among other skills, mechanics. At the age of 20 he began a small business making all manner of devices from medical instruments to kitchen utensils and carriage wheels. Before long he began repairing bicycles and to this day the name is famous in that field.

Perhaps Bianchi's most famous motorcycle was the Freccia 350 cc with which Tazio Nuvolari won many races.

The first motor bicycle had automatic intake valves. By 1914 Bianchi, with its single and twin-cylinder machines, was the most important motorcycle Italian company. In 1925 a new competition 348cc OHC appeared, joined by and V-twin side valve.

A report on the Motor Cycle Show of November 1924 held in England reads, in part,

"The Bianchi motor cycles as shown on this stand comprise single and twin-cylinder models. The former is a four-stroke with a cubic capacity of 348 c.c., and its specification includes a semi-automatic carburetter, three speeds, multiple disc clutch running in oil and operated by pedal ; all-chain transmission, and 26 in. by 3 in. tyres on wheels mounted on knock-out spindles to facilitate tyre changes. The two-cylinder machine has a V-type 600 c.c. engine, and its specification resembles, in general, that outlined above. The price of the smaller model as a solo machine..."

The Bianchi factory in Milan was substantially damaged during bombing raids in WWII.

After the Second World War they built two-strokes and four-strokes of 125cc to 250cc along with twin-cylinder racing machines until 1960. Subesquently they produced scooters (the Orsetto S 80/2, from 1960 to 1962) and mopeds. Motorcycle production ended in 1967 and the company was absorbed by Piaggio.

Bianchi also built luxury automobiles, one of which transported Pope Pius XI. In the mid-1920s they were the second largest car manufacturer in Italy, after Fiat.

Sources: Henshaw, Motor Sport Magazine, et al

Bianchi Models include:

1914-1923 500C 500cc

1919-1925 500cc VL

1921-1925 600

1916-1921 650G

1920-1925 750cc

1923-1926 350 350cc

1926-1930 350 Freccia Celeste 350cc

1925-1930 175cc

1930-1939 175cc

1930-1939 500 500cc

1930-1935 Freccia Oro 175cc

1932-1939 500 Freccia Azzurra

1938-1945 500cc M41

1930-1939 250cc Freccia d'Oro

1946-1957 125cc Bianchina

1948-1951 250 Sport

1949-1953 250cc Stelvio

1954-1957 48cc 48

1952-1964 48cc Rullo

1958-1964 75cc Turchino 55

1958-1964 75cc Gardena

1956-1962 125cc Bernina

1952-1956 125cc Freccia Celeste

1952-1962 125cc Mendola

1952-1962 125 Scudo Sud

1954-1966 Cervino 175cc

1954-1961 175 Pordoi

1955-1961 175 Tonale

1955-1957 Amalfi 50cc

1952-1954 Aquilotto 48cc

1954-1957 Azalea 50cc

1957-1968 Falco 50cc

1954-1956 Rapallo 50cc

1954-1956 Oropa 50cc

1953-1960 Sparviero 48cc Puch (Falco very similar)

1954-1958 Stelvio 50cc

1961-1962 MT 61 50cc

1960-1965 Orsetto 80cc

1962-1966 175 Sila

1963-1969 203cc Sport

1961 320cc MT61

gtserviceshull at
Bianchi berinina 125 1960 model
Hello, could you let me know where i could but a set of clutch plates from to fit my bianchi ?
David Taylor
United Kingdom

There is possibly something useful under Italian Resources
hubertus22 at
Bianchi Falco Sport 1963
I am looking for a rear wheel rim with axle and ball bearings for my Bianchi Falco Sport 1963.
If someone wants to sell the spare part, please report by email with a photo. Thank you!
Hubertus Ohliger
wynnejones.t68 at
I need a gearchange control unit (the external selector mechanism) or just the pawls (part numbers 88.85159, 88.85158) and springs (88.41116, 88.85154) for my Tonale 175 (although it's now a 250). This is the only thing needed to finish it! Will buy or can copy if someone can loan me parts. Any stockist of NOS in Italy or the States? Help please!
West Midlands, UK

    Bianchi-Tonale-175-TWJ.jpg image posted to Comments.

hubertus22 at
Dear Sirs and Madames,
I recently bought a Bianchi Falco Sport 50, which I now want to restore. Unfortunately, there are no papers or data sheets and I am currently trying to get an overview and to collect information so that the moped can also be registered in Germany. Except for the chassis number, I unfortunately have nothing. I would be very grateful if someone could help me.
Sincerely yours
Hubertus Ohliger

Bianchi 50 image posted to Comments.

lonc.marko at
Bianchi 500 m 1937
Hi,I looking for parts for Bianchi 500m. Please help me with some information....
Marko Lončarević
chillytel101352 at
1968 bianchi folding moped aquilotto
would like to get a piston and rings for this bike 49cc and also the shroud, parts or information not readily available in USA. The weird thing is you can get a piston for the 50's bikes, but not the 60's bikes. If you know of a 12mm substitute let me know also, thanks!
Kevin PIP
Sun, 06 Aug 2017
Ginodad1 at
Bianchi 1955 125cc mendola

What is primary oil type. How much is required and where should it be added. Also do you know where I might find a manual in English for this motorcycle. Thanks Bruce
Bellevue USA

Use a good quality pre-mix twostroke oil and follow the recommendations for engines of a similar age.
Twostroke Premix
Books and Manuals

Tue, 25 Jul 2017
gbfc77 at
Bianchi Sparviero 1960

Hello hope you can help me I have bought a Sparviero in Italy and I have completely rebuilt it in troublesome now, my problem is to register it in Austria but unfortunately only the typeschein need but also a proof that it is a Bianchi Spaviero,also the technical data is missed. ( (If it were maybe they would send me by mail, of course, against payment) or know if the possesses such a thank you in advance
Linz Austria


Fri Jun 24 2016
egreenhowes at
Bianchi Falco
I am trying to price a renovated Bianchi Falco Moped

Fri Oct 16 2015
eddie.ventre at
parts needed
bianchi tonale 175 1961
I need a cam chain tensioner for a 1961 Bianchi Tonale 175, can anyone advise me were to find one or where i can have one made?

Mon Jun 29 2015
mats.nilsson50 at
Bianchi 500 M Militari
Ciao Sto cercando la mia Bianchi 500 M del 1936 dipinto di rosso accanto completato ristrutturato come è stato rubato da casa mia con un Ajs Triumph e un Dunelt

Tue Jul 28 2015
pamelakaye at
piston kit +0.5mm<
Bianchi Tonale
need to find contact for engine parts,especially o/s piston kit,for Tonale
Yorkshire, England

Thu Apr 09 2015
r.rizzo124 at
Resto project
bianchi mendola
trying to find parts and any info for this bike I'm hoping to restore please help!!

Tue Aug 26 2014
teresa.zwerver at
Owners manual
Bianchi Falco 50/70 SE
Dear reader,

I am not well known to this site so I put this question to you via this form. If it is beter on one on the forums please let me know.

We are looking for the owners Manual of the Bianchi Falco 50/70 SE.
We have been looking for this manual for nearly a year now so I hope you can help us.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,
Thu Jun 26 2014
coldsaunders at
parts needed
bianchi bernina bernina 125cc
handlebars kickstart gearlever seat headlight any parts part or whole bike considered .
bucks england

Tue Apr 15 2014
hgsound at

Bianchi Tonale 175 of 1954
If a people know the static advance (how many degrees ?)for this engine 175cc
liege belgium

Tue Nov 05 2013
Bianchi 75cc GARDENA
hello im restoring a Bianchi 75cc Gardena and im looking for any information or spare parts any help will be great

Sun Oct 20 2013
bianchi B41 500
i want gearbox bianchi 500 B41

Tue Oct 01 2013
Bianchi Tonale 175
Bianchi Tonale 175 year 1960 perfect restoration

Tue Aug 13 2013
bianchi 250
hola, soy de argentina, tengo un chasis bianchi 250, en buen estado y me gustaria venderlo, a alguien interesado, gracias

Thu Apr 11 2013
Instruction / Cutaway Model
If anyone is interested in this extremely rare Bianchi 500M cutaway instruction model engine please contact me. It has to bring Euros 950 or near offer. SOLD

Sat Mar 02 2013
spare parts
Bianchi Spaviero
I'm looking for a aquilla seat, a back licht, left carterpart of a Bianchi Spaviero
Veghel, Hollandjw62k

Mon Jan 14 2013
Bianchi 500
Hi people,I want to sell my Bianchi 500. Can somebody tell me what can I expect and what is the real price for this motorcycle because don t want to sell it for years..

Tue Nov 27 2012
pietro AT

Bianchi 500 VL militare
Cerco parafango anteriore per Bianchi 500 VL militare del 1938/1940.
Posted in the Italian Motorcycle Forum

Tue Aug 28 2012
Bianci bernina
Hi,Just wondered if any body can help me.I just bought a 125 Bianci Bernini and its been off road since 1970....
Posted in the Italian Motorcycle Forum

Thu Jun 28 2012
carburatore senspray
bianchi a 500 del 1916
cerco un carburatore senspray per la mia bianchi 500 del 1916 e non riesco a trovarlo grazie

Sat Jun 16 2012
Bianchi Aquilotto Wanted to Buy
Bianchi Aquilotto
I have a collection of Bianchi Aquilotto's in the US. I am looking to purchase additional bikes within the US (outside of Europe at this stage). If anyone has any for sale, please feel free to contact me
Best Regards, Mark
Arizona, USA

Tue Apr 10 2012
Hello I'm looking for Dellorto sb22f to a Bianchi 500m 1936 years and airfilter to.
Jan Folkesson

Mon Mar 12 2012
bianchi tonale to buy
bianchi tonale 1958- 1962 tonale 175 cc
Please does anyone know of a Bianchi Tonale 175 cc 1959-1961. for sale.
please let me know.

Thu Dec 01 2011
motopedido<at>hotmaildot com
bianchi 250 busco repuestos
bianchi 250
busco partes de bianchi 250 gracias
argentina, mar del plata

Sun Nov 13 2011
Bianchi Bernina
I have just found a Bianchi Bernina - rust on wheels but all parts present - engine turning over. I have to ring the guy next week for a price - what it's worth? Any help appreciated, Sean.
N, Ireland

Fri Oct 21 2011
Bianchi Tonale
Bianchi Tonale
Hi I am restoring a Tonale and require a centre stand i have an almost Bernina engine to swap for Tonale Parts contact me by email Cheers Terry
Northern ireland

Tue Oct 04 2011
Bianchi Tonale
Hi I need the following spares for a Bianchi Tonale-Toolboxes- Centre stand- Rear chain guard- Rear footrests- Headlamp Please email if you can help
Northern Ireland

Sat Nov 19 2011
Bianchi Mendola
This is one Bianchi that has been saved but I need a barrel and maybe a piston to help save another. Can anyone help?

Thu Aug 11 2011
bianchi mt 61
Ciao a tutti volevo informazioni su pezzi da trovare come il copricarburatore, marmitta a caminetto e fanale posteriore della Bianchi mt 61. vi chiedo se avete il manuale d'officina cos� non sbaglio nel montare i vari pezzi. ringrazio tutti e complimenti per questo sito.

Thu Aug 04 2011
nuti.marco<at>gmaildot com
big question
? ?
Hallo everybody,
my name is Marco. some weeks ago a friend of mine found her granpa's old motorbike and she sent me some pics.
I cannot figure out what model it is, i was hoping some of you could help me.
i think it's a Bianchi but i'm not sure.

thank you for helping me.

Sun Jun 19 2011
fine restauro
bianchi 175 p 1926
moto finita 3 anni di lavoro

Fri Mar 04 2011
Foto: Moto e neve
Bianchi MT/61 318 cc Military model
Salve a tutti gli amici della Moto BIANCHI, vi mando le foto dei miei nipotini Paolo e Mattia in giro sulla neve.
Friuli " ITALY "

Tue Mar 01 2011
telgriffith<at>aoldot com
bianchi 125 engine
bianchi 125
Bianchi engine sell or swap for ducati elite cycle parts
northern ireland

Thu Feb 03 2011
bdodero<at>gmaildot com
1963 Bianchi Falco sport
I'm looking for a gasket kit for my Bianchi Falco Sport. I complete rebuild gasket kit is preferred but for now I would settle for a base and head gasket for the cylinder.
California, USA

Thu Feb 03 2011
pinomanusa<at>hotmaildot com
Bianchi 500 Wanted
Bianchi 500 Freccia Azzurra
Wanted/Cercasi: 1930's Bianchi 500 single cyl. Freccia Azzurra in used (or better) but correct and complete and minimum conditions, preferably Sport (20" tires) or Turismo, almost anywhere in the world, with or without papers. Pay cash.
Jose' B. 02/11
New York City, NY 10128

Wed Dec 15 2010
Bianchi 500 M
Hej jag letar efter div delar till en
obs ny mail adress

Wed Apr 14 2010
Gearbox Bianchi 500 M 1936
Gearbox 500 M 1936
Hej jag letar efter en v---da till en Bianchi 500 M 1936 samt andra reservdelar till denna maskin

Tue Apr 20 2010
Bianchi 500 M 1936-37
Hi I am looking for parts for a Bianchi 500 M 1936-37 v---dsdelar I need any full kit, front, rear, bromsnav, front lamp, forklift engine parts oil pump also

Hey sorry but it was a mistake in the translation shall not be gaffelltruck I meant front fork.

Jan Folkesson
Tel: 004644-236077

Sat Jan 09 2010
frank-kroell at
Bianchi Mosquito
Bianchi Mosquito 38 b
Ich habe eine gut erhaltene Bianchi Mosquito 38 b, wollte nachfragen wann dieses Fahrzeug gebaut wurde und was es ungef--hr wert ist?
Munchen 120 Km

Thu Dec 24 2009
moreno.cavani at
bianchi 250s
bianchi 250.s
restauro finito
Bianchi 1939 250 Sport

Mon Dec 21 2009
moreno.cavani at
restauro in corso
bianchi 175p
restauro quasi finito mancherebbe un bel fanale quale ??

Sat Dec 05 2009
madnorton at googlemaildot com
Offer of spare parts
Bianchi Gardena Sport
I have just acquired some Bianchi Gardena Sport parts - Fuel tank, sidepanels, seat, racing style handle bars,rear number plate mounting plate, fork shrouds, frame, rear wheel (poor condition but does have the alluminium hub, rear shocks. These parts are pretty rusty but may of use to someone,I can send photos of the parts if required and would be looking for very little for them, I will also post worldwide if you are prepared to pay.
UK Hampshire

Wed Nov 18 2009
laverdina at
bianchi super mili 500 1937
for sale bianchi supermili 500 with lot of spares extra

Tue Sep 29 2009
sarahhealy79 at
bianchi 125 Bernina
Hi,in need of parts to restore my 125 Bianch.
need exhaust, rear left foot peg, kick start cogs and 2 side panels.
Will consider complete bike .

Fri Sep 11 2009
g.passeron at
cherche magneto Magneti Marelli tipo mla

Tue Aug 18 2009
troisigiancarlo at
Bianchi 500 Bitubo 1935 Freccia Azzurra
Vi invio foto della mia moto per conoscenza
Lonate Pozzolo (va) Italia

Sun May 10 2009
nicolabamber at hotmaildot com
Please identify
Bianchi 125
Please could you help identify this Bianchi. I think it's 125cc, 3 speed. Not sure of age or anything else.
Manchester, UK

Fri Apr 17 2009
sicov at
Proizvodnja Italija Bianchi
Na prodaju motocikl Bianchi!
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sun Mar 08 2009
jahorbal at gmaildot com
Solicitud de ayuda
Bianchi 250
Estoy solicitando su ayuda, estoy programando armar la moto que pertenece a mi papa y no consigo los manuales tecnicos.
Si es posible conseguirlos, les agradezco su ayuda.
Desde ya muchas gracias.
Attentamente Jose

Bianchi 250cc
Pleace, I need manual of bianchi 250cc, one cyl, date aprox 1936-38.
Best regards
First, apologies do not speak English well.
Second try to send pictures.
Hope to serve.
Thank you very much.
Jose Horbal.-

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Tue Feb 17 2009
eugenereynolds at
Chassis & engines numbers
Bianchi 500M
I am the proud owner of Bianchi 500M, how many of these bikes survived? I would like to collect and exchange chassis and engine numbers, to establish production numbers.Keen to hear from all owners
Eugene Reynolds
(London UK)

Sat Jan 03 2009
jeronimo-50 at
For sale or exchange (one thing for another )
Bianchi 500 OHV military (maybe)
ask questions for
Best regards

Sat Dec 13 2008
torafors at
Bianchi speedometer
Smiths AK-136108
I am looking for a 5inch 150mph alt. 240kph Smiths speedometer to my Vincent motorcycle. In excange I can offer a Bianchi speedometer made by Smiths in ca 1920.
Bianchi 1920s Smiths Speedometer

Mon Oct 20 2008
harrysheena at
Bianchi Bernina
Further to my earlier plea for a Delorto ME18BS carburettor to finish my Bernina I can now offer engine and suspension parts in exchange.

Tue Sep 09 2008
jj-selva at hotmaildot com
compra muelle retroceso pedal arranque
bianchi 1960 350cc. military mt-61
necesito un muelle de retroceso del pedal de arranque ya que se me ha roto.
Alguien puede decirme donde puedo encontrar un muelle de retroceso del pedal de arranque.

Mon Oct 13 2008
smcbride1 at
Bianchi Parts and Info needed !!
1950/1952 Bianchi 125cc ?
I just came upon a guy who has a Bianchi in need of restoration/ He bought it about 1954, then just 2 or 3 years old. We do not know the exact model. Is is a 125cc. Blach and White in colour, with chequered around the forks, sort of cafe racer style. If anyone can help with information or has parts, we would appreciate your help a lot.

Sun Aug 24 2008
harrysheena at
Bianchi Carburettor
Bianchi Bernina
I am looking for a carburettor to complete my restoration of a Bianchi Bernina. The part no is ME 18 BS.

Fri Mar 28 2008
rdimario at gmaildot com
Bianchi Coomandos
Nel 1981 ho acquistato un Bianchi Commandos, ciclomotore 50 che mi sembra fosse destinato all'esportazione in Portogallo. Non ho trovato tracce della sua esistenza sul web ma giuro che esiste! Nessuno ha notizie o foto originali? Qui posto le mie foto dopo il resturo

Mon Feb 25 2008
aerozak at
Motorcycle advertised to sell.
Bianchi 1941 500cc Militare B4191
Please advise if this motorcycle is still for sale. If so, please send e-mail address and/or telephone number so I may inquire as to cost. Thank you!
Paoli, PA

Sat Jan 05 2008 at
Moto Bianchi Freccia Celeste 125cCc
do you have a photo of this kind of Moto ? and do you know the correct date of production, I know that it is 1949,can you confirm this ? thank you in advance. Robert

Tue Dec 11 2007
joe at
Manuels/ Parts lists
Bianchi 175 Tonale 1954
Hi, I've just got myself a 175 Bianchi Tonale circa 1954 SOHC four stroke single cylinder with no manuel, parts list or hand book.If anyone can help with these items please contact me.
Lincs UK

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Sat Oct 27 2007
bianchi1 at
Bianchi 500M
For Sale
Bianchi 500 militare 1941.


Mon Oct 15 2007
jeducati at msndot com
Need Information
1935 500cc Bianchi
I would like to know what model I have and the name of someone who has parts for the early Bianchis.
Denver , Colorado

Fri Sep 14 2007
siedlecki at
bianchi 500M
hello i have a bianchi 500M and i�m looking for information and parts for that bike!!
the production year is 1938-40
write me!!
thank you
Sun Sep 02 2007
nantw37 at
bianchi gardena tyre
does anyone have a 18/2.25 tyre,or a bianchi gardena front fork for sale.
north wales

There is a selection of tyre resources here:
Vintage Motorcycle Tyres

Mon Aug 20 2007
kathyalbertson at yahoodot com
bianchi scooter
1962 or 1963
I am looking for parts to this scooter
montana usa

Sun Jul 01 2007
robert.mutzel at
BIANCHI 500 Sport,1936/38 ??
Hallo,i�m looking for technical manuel and information for my Bianchi 500 Sport.
Who can help me.I�m from Germany,Bavaria.

Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Thu Jun 28 2007
marias at
Bianchi 500 Sport 1938
70 % original, mecanica excelente funcionando
Buenos Aires
[For Sale]

Sun Jun 17 2007
rdsmoraes at
bianchi mosquito
mosquito 38b
I would like to know what is the badge of bianchi mosquito

Fri Jun 15 2007
tonylennon9 at
Moped Bianchi Falco.
Hello: I have a Bianchi Falco in excellent origional condition, and would like to exchange it for a Bianchi Aquilotto.

Thu May 17 2007
egholm.svare at
bianchi 250 /500ccm<
I have been looking for a Bianchi 250 or 500ccm for a long time, but i dont know where i can search for it. The condition of the bike is not important


Tue May 08 2007
jacquesramone2006 at yahoodot com
Tail Light Bulb Replacement? (Long Narrow Type)
Bianchi 125 CC 1954-58
Anyone know a source for 50s Tail Lights? I need the long cylindrical tail light replacement bulb for the Bianchi. It looks like a glass fuse w/ pointy ends to fit inside the connector mount. See Foto. Thanks. Scott

Fri April 27th 2007
I took a few photos of a Falco 50 we have here that came from the same gentleman that had the Tonale 175. To be honest I'm really trying to just help the guy out as he had a stroke and can't work on the bikes any longer.

Hopefully someone will need these to complete a project or two ...?....

later .... ray 404

Sun Apr 22 2007
ray at
Bianchi 175 for sale
Bianchi 175
We have a Bianchi 175 for sale and would like to offer it on the site.<

Sat Jan 20 2007
parispatois at yahoodot com
1959 Bianchi Tonale
on the fly somewhere near bologna...
(and another nearer home)

2 pix of my other bianchi...
1955 bianchi 125 mendola


i have a 17-page magazine article about the bianchi corsa tre buttoni with lots of photo's and tech data.

a racing acqainttance in Italy is selling one in germany for a small fortune but considering only 30-some odd were built by the factory for gp racing the price is understandable.

i enclose the first few pages of the magazine article...
if you want more just let me know and i can email the


Sun Jan 14 2007
ghflores41 at hotmaildot com
gustavo flores
bianchi 125 1948
datos sobre esta moto
mar del plata

Sat Jan 13 2007
vdgiuliani at
Bianchi 1944
Moto Bianchi a--- 1944
tengo para la venta esta moto, soy de argentina y pueden contactarse conmigo a vdgiuliani at

Translation: I have for the sale this moto, am of Argentinean and can be contacted with me to vdgiuliani at Argentina

Sat Jan 13 2007
oximoto at yahoodot com
To sell
Bianchi 500
Hy,I have a Bianchi 500 ,several parts are missing,I would sell it in parts if somebody would be interested.

Thu Dec 28 2006
nrbmccrudden at
Bianchi Motor cycle
175 cc Tonale 1959
Hi there. thank you for putting my letter and photo of my Bianchi on your site. I have searched everywhere to find a similar model, but cant find one. where are they all? Please do you know wher i might see one. I would dearly love to buy one, or even just talk to someone who owns one. i have tried to e mail some off your site but had no luck. thanks once again. Nick.
Poulton Lancs U.K.

Mon Dec 04 2006
defranceschi1982 at
bianchi mt 61
ciao per chi vuole informazioni su questa moto scrivete a derfanceschi1982 at

Wed Nov 22 2006
iblini at seispadot com
Documentation -Manuals and so on
Bianchi Falco 50cc 1968
Hi down there
I'm Ital�an and i have just acquired a Bianchi Falco .I'm about to start the refurbishment ,is anybody there who owns proper documentation as manuals (owner and spares) to sell?
Italy .Bergamo

Sat Oct 14 2006
b.hamilton at
Bianchi Motorcycle
Gardena 75?
I have a Bianchi Gardena 75 bike that ran until a couple of years ago. I'm wondering if anyone knows more about it.
What is it worth? Is anyone interested in buying it?
Boston, USA

Mon Sep 11 2006
nrbmccrudden at
Bianchi Tonale 1959. 175cc ohc.m/c
I used to own a Bianchi Tonale 175cc ohc m/c 1960- 1964. and would dearly love to see one again. I have a photo of mine.
Poulton Lancashire

Wed Aug 30 2006
michael.roberts at [bounced]
bianchi 350 4 stroke army prototype
1959/60 semi amphibiouse army bike
Hi, I have just become the owner of a classic italian motorcycle and don't know what to do with it.Can you please advise me if any of the details are true if I tell you what I know about the bike?.1959/60 bianchi 350 single 4/stroke semi amphiboiuse bike 1 of only 5 made for trials and testing by the Italian army who eventually gave the contract to moto guzzi. The bike is in excellent condition and has covered 5000k/m. I have not tried to start it but the engine turns over with the kick start perfectly. I would appreciate any informarion you could pass on to me
many thanks
Mike Roberts
South Wales U.K
Bianchi 1960 350cc Military

Sun Aug 27 2006
jeducati at msndot com
Bianchi Aqualotto Carburettor
Does anyone have a source for Dellorto carb parts as used on the Aqualotto moped
Denver, Colorado

Wed Aug 23 2006
bowmans at
bianchi bernina 1960
need seat, speedo complete , name badges for the fuel tank.may be interested in any other parts too.
dover uk

Sat Jul 29 2006
alan at powderpeakdot com
Bianchi Aquilotto 1949
can you help?
I have a 1949 Bianchi Aquilotto to sell, see pictute attached, it has been restored 6 years ago, it looks basically like new.
can you help?
where to advertise?
possible collectors? etc etc
looking forward to your reply,
best regards, Alan Small
Bianchi Aquilotto 1949

This page of resources has many links to auction sites, vintage bike clubs and the like: classic motorcycle prices.

Tue Jul 11 2006
scootermark at
kick starter
bianchi orseeto
need kickstart spares

Tue Jul 04 2006
sjakingeveld at
bianchi aquilotto
Who can tell me if there is a replacement for the tyres 24 x 1 3/4
These are old dimensions and they are difficult to get.

Bikelinks lists several vintage tyre specialists.

Fri Jun 09 2006
jamerico at
Bianchi Commando Cross
I have bianchi motorcycle ,Commando Cross model, Year 1974, motor 50cc. Morini Franco Turbo Star N�52329
I need all the possible informations, techinal informations and fhotos for to see the original colour.
Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Jo--o Patr--o
Lisboa - Portugal

Sun Jun 04 2006
fedelep at
Bianchi Cervino 174 s
Sto ristrutturando un Bianchi Cervino, mi puoi dare notizie?
Benevento ITALY

Translation: I am restoring a Bianchi Cervino, you can give me news?

Mon May 29 2006
simon.duerden at
Bianchi Mosquito
I have a Bianchi Mosquito fitted with a Garelli 38B Mosquito engine. Everything is there, but some parts need to be replaced. I would like information on the engine, particularly the construction year (engine number 743941), an instruction manual and parts list (if possible). I will pay for good photocopies)

Tue May 16 2006
concettamagri at
Moto Bianchi
125cc Lusso Veloce del 1959
vorrei mandare delle foto da voi richieste della nostra suddetta bianchi 125cc

Translation: Here are some photos of the abovementioned.

Mon May 15 2006
pattiant at
informazzione della bianchi 175
Salve, visitendo il vostro sito nell'aria bianchi c'� una foto della 175 bianchi non originale, sarei interessato a contattare il propritario della moto in questione.

Translation: Safe, your visitendo site in the Bianci air there is a photograph of 175 Bianci not original, sarei interested to contact the owner of the moto in question.

Sun May 14 2006
concettamagri at
Moto bianchi
125cc lusso veloce 1959
la moto � stata tutta restaurata.
E' bellissima!
Vorrei sapere se hanno un valore commerciale e quale

Translation: The movement was all restored. It is attractive! I would want to know if they have a commercial value and thatTry this page of resources on classic motorcycle prices.

Sat Apr 08 2006
westling at
Need primary chain for Bianchi
Bianchi Tonale
Hi--I'm restoring a 1957 Bianchi Tonale 4t 175cc, and need to buy a new primary chain. Any help in finding a source would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Boston USA

Thanks for your inquiry. Here are the specs for the chain:
1957 Bianchi Tonale (175cc 4-stroke)
Primary Chain Measurements:

P.) pins center to center .375" - 9.5mm<
W.) length of rollers .375" - 9.5mm<
D.) diameter of rollers .236 -<
C.) diameter of pins .172" - 4mm<
F.) thickness of inner plates .070" - 1.7mm<
L.) length of pins at peened ends .724" - 16.75mm<
H.) width of outer plates at widest point @ pin centers .380" - 9.6mm

I also enclose as an attachment a photo (in jpeg format) of the bike.

Tue Apr 04 2006
feylong81 at
Bianchi mendola and tonale

Hi, my name is Francesco, writing from Italy.
I have 2 Bianchis in my garage: a Mendola 125 and a Tonale 175.
On the next week I will try to sell them on Ebay.
I normally sell another kind of motorcycles, so,I don't know what they are worth.
I'd just like to ask you a price, maybe somebody here can help me.
How much could I ask for it?
on this and on the next message you will find the photos

Try this page of resources on classic motorcycle prices.

Sat Apr 01 2006
brithorby at aoldot com
I have for sale in UK a complete Cylinder Head/Rocker Cover/Cam/Valves/Springs/Rockers �20.00

Sat Mar 18 2006
gwuopl at yahoodot com
Bianchi Falco 49cc from 1965
Hi There, i sell this Bianchi Falco very good condition at euro 1200. Manufactured 1965
Italy Milan

polnic at
Wed, 15 Mar 2006 23:03:43 +1100

Hi Ihave just received a phone call from my friend inLatina.
Soo the bike is BIANCHI MENDOLA 125CC.

He wants 600,00 euro IS IT a good TRANSACTION?

The bike has a front and rear light, the engine is blocked.
The fuel tank is clear and there are no dents.

Where are you answering from?

Thanks for your help.

p.s. I tried to find any booklet or manuals, negative search, Do you have any pictures?

Tue Mar 14 2006
polnic at
bianchi 175 amendola
Hi and congratulations for this web site. A friend of mine has a Bianchi 175 model amendola, I coulden't find any picture or manuals for this model, Please could you give me an advice and this model exists? Greatings Nicola.

Thu Feb 02 2006
jasearch at aoldot com
bianchi orsetto
Hi any idea what a 1966 bianchi orsetto in fine condition is worth.
Thanks for trying to help me out with the is a picture of it..and I was wondering if you know what it might be worth and how difficult parts are to get ..thanks
Be well, take care
Jerry, Illinois

Tue Jan 24 2006
psoneill at
Bianchi racers
Can any body out there help me with information or photos of the 350 Bianchi roadracers, particularly those fitted with Daniel Fontana's double sided front brakes, developed by coupling 2 Oldani units together. Info is difficult to find on this. Any help ie reference books etc. would be appreciated.

Thu Nov 03 2005
Nikisadkowski at
Unknown Bianchi
I own this Motorcycle and would like to know more about it. a 3 speed albion gearbox is mounted, Amal carburettor and Bosch Magneto, does anyone know something about this Bike?

Sat Oct 01 2005
siedlecki at
Bianchi 500 von ca. 1940/41
hallo bianchi freunde
ich bin im besitz einer bianchi 500M von 1940/41
das Jahr wei-- ich nicht genau. Auf jeden Fall such ich fotos informationen oder sonstige e-mail adressen oder auch besitzer so einer bianchi.

Translation: I am in the possession one bianchi 500M of 1940/41 the year wei?ich not exactly. In any case ones look for I photos information or other email addresses or also owners in such a way one bianchi.

Tue Sep 13 2005
arroyopools at
Does anyone know what colors the 1956- 1958 Tonale 175cc motos were offered in? Mine is black and red, but the front fender seems to be a repaint over a light blue/tourquoise color.

Here is a photo of my 56 Bianchi Tonale GT. a recent issue of Motociclismo 5/05 seems to confirm that it is the correct color for 56.

Thu Aug 04 2005
ulr-hoffmann at
Bianchi Freccia Celeste 350cc 1927
my name is Ulrich Hoffmann from Ravensburg, Germany. I am jsut about to buidl a 1/9 scale model fo the famous Bianchi Freccia Celeste. I am looking for all kind of photos and information about the bike.
Can anybody help me?
Thank you
Ulrich Hoffmann

Tue Jun 21 2005
kristina12700 at yahoodot com
I just came across a Bianchi Aquilotto from the 60s or 70s. I don't know anything about it and I'm not sure how to go about getting info. Do you know of any sites or places where I might find parts, manuals, etc.? I would appreciate any help you could offer. Thanks.

Mon Jun 13 2005
tjcassar at
Bianchi 250cc 1934 Freccia d'oro
I own a Bianchi 1934 and I am participating in the Milano Taranto Rally in Italy this coming July. I would like to contact other owners of this make.
Tony Cassar

Sun Jun 12 2005
hufnagl at
informations of motor
Helo, I have a motor from Moto Bianchi Vl500, but I can't search some informations about it. How many machines were made? And how is the price of this motor?
Thank you.

Sat Jun 11 2005
gvit at
aquilotto bianchi
possibile avere una foto dell'aquilotto bianchi per vedere lo stato per uso ricambi

Tue Apr 19 2005
jcoelho at
I�m form Portugal and i bought an old ---Edoardo Biachi Aquilottoâ€
Can you tell me please where I can get more in formations about this,
Or give me and address where I can ask the book of spare parts or instructions.

Here is a superb photo of a Bianchi Aquilotto at

February 2nd 2005
subject: moto bianchi n� motor 84372
Email: motopedido at hotmaildot com
message: desear�a saber de que modelo se trata, datos tecnicos, fotos, manual y valor de venta

Translation: it would wish to know that model treats, tecnicos data, photos, manual and value of sale

21st January 2005
From: "mcfy" <mcfy25 at hotmaildot com >

dear sir,
Thank you very much for your reply
I enclose an attachment with the pictures and description and I look forward to receiving some feed-back

Italian “BIANCHI†date of manufacture approx 1957 a four stroke monocylinder of 250cc model known as “ Stelvio†100% complete, all original parts not restored

I will be grateful if you will tell me whether you are able to give me a valuation on these very old machines if not please give me an idea of where can I get some advice

kind regards
Vincent Maffei

January 11th 2005
subject: BIANCHI 250
Email: jhorbal at
message: Me llamo Jose Horbal, vivo en Uruguay y decear�a saber d�nde puedo encontrar informaci�n t�cnica de la Bianchi 250???? DESDE YA MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!!

December 30, 2004
Hi Ed,
Found these which may prove useful for someone with a prewar Bianchi like mine.
toosmoke at aoldot com

August 2, 2001
I search information, foto and other about the moto "Bianchi Freccia D'Oro 175/S". Thank you
Adriano Rebellato (Italy) -- e-mail: rebellatoadriano at

July 31, 2001
I am seeking information on Bianchi motorcycles in respect of buying , running and parts availability. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who can help with advice. -- regards -- Jean-Paul mallard --  wesleymanse at freeukdot com

July 7, 2001
Here is a photo of the late great Bob Macintyre riding a 350cc Bianchi at the Ulster G.P in nineteen hundred and frozen stiff. What a beautiful bike. What a hard rider. -- Regards ................. Steve Ellis --  sellis at

March 22, 2001
Hi there
I have a 1962 Bianchi Tonale 175cc for sale it is in very good condition and runs well. Please help
Steve -- steve6216 at hotmaildot com

February 9, 2001
I saw that you were interested in Bianchi Motorcycles. Thought you'd like to know my Grandfather owned a '41 Bianchi back in Palermo, Sicily. When he passed away in '61, the entire family moved here to America. The bike was abandoned until my uncle found it on his honeymoon there in '83. Four years ago, my brother and I worked like crazy to get it over here, and spent three years restoring it to near mint condition. It sits in one of our restaurants on display in the dining room ! Any help we could provide to you would be a pleasure, and if you would like a photo sent, email us your address. It will be on our website in a few months. Our bakery website is up and running - check it out :

- Bobby Mallozzi -- ROBNMASTER at aoldot com

From Sheldon: I've requested a copy of the photo to post here.

January 21, 2001
I have found your web site re the above marque; I currently own a 1961 Bianchi Tonale 175cc. This has been completely restored and is in period, cafe racer trim. I live in Derby and have several other bikes, mostly German: NSU, BMW, Maicoletta.
If you share an interest in unusual, interesting bikes, send me an e-mail... -- Rog Marshall -- rmmarshall107107 at aoldot com

January 10, 2001
Hello my name is Leonardo. I am from Argentina and I need information about motorcycle Bianchi 250 cc year 1935, because in my country the information is too short. I am 19 years old and past four years I restore this motorcycle but I need more information for a excellent termination. If you have a photograph of this Bianchi please send to me.
Leonardo Javier Alvarez -- laram at

January 6, 2001
I search information, foto and other about the moto "Bianchi Freccia D'Oro 175"...
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

March 30, 2000
I have three used Dellorto Carburators RC 26 with air filter for sale.

They are for the next motorcycles:
1952 Bianchi Bianchina 125cc
1952 Minarelli Sport 160cc
1956 Moto Guzzi Ercole 500cc
1953 Miva L 175cc
Thank you : Pedro Herrera( from Mexico city). phf66 at yahoodot com

Can anyone help me get information on a Bianchi motor cycle, 250cc single cyl, built approx, 1936-8...
See Italian Motorcycle Forum

Bianchi used to be a very famous, progressive and interesting motorcycle brand. It was for example the first Italian motorcycle to use rubber tires with air. Also the factory, founded by Edoardo Bianchi, made bicycles and cars etc. They were well known for their racing activities as well.

Anyway, regarding the scarce info given (250cc single, year 1936-1938), this could be either a Bianchi Freccia d'Oro 250/T (1934-1940) or a Freccia d'Oro 250/S (same years). The T standing for Turismo, the S standing for Sport. "Freccia d'Oro" means "Golden Arrow"... Freccia d'Oro 250

Betamotor SpA is an Italian motorcycle company. It is basically the motorcycle endeavor of Bianchi, the famous bicycle company. These days they make a variety of scooters, go-carts, small bore off-road bikes and the current trials machines: the Rev-3.

He [Nuvolari] raced Nortons, Saroleas, Garellis, Fongris and Indians. His riding was noticed by the powerful Bianchi team and he became a member and eventually Italian champion. At the Monza Grand Prix for motorcycles he crashed during practice. This resulted in two broken legs.

The year 1930 saw Nuvolari and Achille Varzi battle for the first time at the Mille Miglia. Both men lived large and ended up legends, though Varzi's tale is darker and less well known. The two were originally friends--in fact, Nuvolari brought Varzi onto his Bianchi motorcycle racing team early in the '20s.

If you have a query or information about Bianchi motorcycles please contact us