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Bianchi Freccia d'Oro 250

A Brief History

Bianchi was a very famous, progressive and interesting motorcycle brand. It was for example the first Italian motorcycle to use pneumatic rubber tires. The factory, founded by Edoardo Bianchi also made bicycles and automobiles, and, during WWI, military equipment including armoured cars. They became well known for their racing activities.

Regarding the scarce info given (250cc single, year 1936-1938), this could be either a Bianchi Freccia d'Oro 250/T (1934-1940) or a Freccia d'Oro 250/S (same years). The T standing for Turismo, the S standing for Sport. "Freccia d'Oro" means "Golden Arrow". Underneath some info on these bikes, which can help you to determine which model it is:

Freccia d'Oro 250/T

Engine: Vertical four stroke single cylinder, bore/stroke 63x80mm, 248cc, max. power output 9.5hp at 5,100rpm, 2 ohv, pushrod/rocker operated (pushrods run in a chrome plated tube), ignition via dynamo and coil, 18.5mm Gurtner carburettor (jetted 35/36) and from 1936 onwards a Dell'Orto Turismo carburettor was used (jetted 80/85).

Gearbox: Separate 3 speed unit (1:1, 1:1.68, 1:2.85).

Frame: 1934 and 35 models were rigid, with rear suspension introduced in 1936 onwards.

Top speed in gears: 1st: 35, 2nd: 65, 3rd: 95 km/h.

Bosch electrical system or, from 1936 onwards Marelli. Frame and mudguards finished in glossy black, black flashed with yellow-gold pinstriping on the side of the petrol tank. Panniers and forks: pinstriping on either side of the mudguard.

Price: LIT 3,800.

Freccia d'Oro 250/S

Engine: Vertical four stroke single cylinder, bore/stroke 63x80mm, 248cc, compression ratio 6.5 : 1, steel alloy Bianchi Special piston, Marelli dynamo-coil ignition with build in contact breaker points, Amal Sport carburettor (jetted 85/90) and from 1936 onwards a Dell'Orto Sport carburettor was used (jetted 85/90). Pressurized lubrication system without external oil lines.

Gearbox: 3 speed unit, the 1936 version, with plunger box rear suspension had 4 gears and a pedal operated gear selector.

Frame: rigid, sprung from 1936 onwards.

An oil pressure gauge was mounted on the petrol tank. Twin exhausts.
Frame and mudguards finished in glossy black, red side flashes with yellow-gold pinstriping.

Price: LIT 3,950.

Ivar de Gier

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