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Amal of Holford Works, Perry Barr were makers of carburettors.
    AMAL were the major suppliers of carburettors to the British motorcycle industry for a long time and their products were near-ubiquitous being present on the products of the big manufacturers such as BSA and AMC.

    The Amal Company was formed just after the First World War from a number of other companies to manufacture carburettors and associated products."AMAL" and "MAK".

    1927 Public company formed as Amalgamated Carburettors Ltd.

    1931 Name changed to Amal Ltd.

    1937 Manufacturers of accessories. "Amal" Carburettors, Pumps etc.

    1939 See Aircraft Industry Suppliers

    With the decline of the British motorcycle industry AMAL carburettors declined as well but are still produced by their current owner Burlen Fuel Systems as spares for the classic market.

    Amal subsequently became part of ICI c1960, it is believed.

    1961 Authorised capital of £320,000 and employed 600 persons.

    1961 Light precision engineers specialising in carburettors and controls for motor cycle industry, bonnet fasteners, dashboard controls, petrol filters and fuel pumps for motor vehicles. Ball and roller joints, flame traps, bunsen burners, gas injectors, jets and non-returns valves for the gas world-wide.

    It was sold in 1993 to Grosvenor Works of North London - a supplier of fuel system components. Under Grosvenor some of the most popular obsolete ranges were re-manufactured.

    In 2003 the business was sold to Burlen Fuel Systems, a company which also produces SU, Solex and Zenith, three other "classic" carburettor ranges.

Source: Graces Guide

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