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Carburettors for Motorcycles, Scooters and Mopeds

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Bing used on many machines, particularly BMW, Sachs etc.

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Brown and Barlow - B. and B. carburettors were used on many vintage British machines including Kerry, Harso, Hillman, Wenlock, Gamage, Advance and Minerva.


C.A.P. - C.A.P. Carburetter Co., 102. Colmore Row. Birmingham.


Cox, Cox Atmos - Cox Carburetters, Ltd., Lower Essex Street, Birmingham. - used on Radco, Ariel, Clyno, Coventry Victor, H.T., Reynolds et al.

Having studied the effects of icing on carburettors as a pilot during the first war, René Cozette created the Cozette firm building carburettors and later compressors and complete engines including an innovative eight-piston supercharged two-stroke. His products were used by many automotive and motorcycle firms including Jean Thomann, Bianchi, Aliprandi and DFR.
The compressors are available from atelierlabellepoque.fr

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"The Motor journal of November 1904 also reported on the 'Force' carburettor as made by the 'Force Motor Syndicate' of the Round Tower Works, stating that it had been applied successfully to motor-bicycles. The Round Tower Works had previously been occupied by the cycle makers Jones, Venn & Co., but also by the Cunard Motor & Engineering Company between 1901 and 1905."
Coventry's Motorcar Heritage by Damien Kimberley

Gurtner carburateurs were fitted to Aiglon, Automoto, Bernardet, Bianchi, Borin, Motobecane, San Sou Pap and many others.

Longuemare and G & A units were used on Minerva engines.

Mills - available to suit many British machines of the 1920s. Purchased by Villiers in 1926 and renamed.

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Solex - Ariel Square Four and Van Veen were among the many machines which utilised the Solex carburettor. The firm merged with Zenith in the 1950s.



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