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A Brief History of the Marque

Early Kerry machines were built in Belgium by Sarolea using FN and Kelecom engines, and were sold in England by the East London Rubber Company of Shoreditch from 1902 to 1906, after which they were built by Abingdon using 499cc sv singles and 670cc sv V-twin engines until 1915.

The Kerry marque reappeared at the end of the 1950s selling rebranded Italian scooters and mopeds, earning the company the dubious laurel of the longest production hiatus between models. Sources differ on the dates of these, the range being 1958 to 1966, but the start date appears to be July 1960 with a rebadged Testi named the Kerry Capitano with a Minarelli 2 speed engine. These were considerably more powerful than any of the competition from Norman, Phillips and NSU, and they achieved almost overnight success. The machine's finish was rather another story.

1961 saw the introduction of the three-speed Capitano De Luxe Scooterette, a rebadged Testi Economic, followed by the Gran Prix Sports model in 1963 which had kickstart and no pedals.

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tom_steels at
Kerry-Abingdon 3½ hp
I am looking into the feasibility of constructing a replica Kerry-Abingdon 3½ hp In my workshop and was wondering whether you had any information on the tub thickness of the main frame of the motorcycle?
Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Tom Steels
Leicester, UK

rfrowsell at
Kerry Capitano Automatic 1965 (UK)
I am told that this is an imported TESTI but which model please?
Richard Rowsell

Sun Feb 19 2017
Montybear at
Kerry Grand Prix
Hi there. I'm trying to find some brake shoes (and some other parts) to fit a 1968 Kerry grand Prix I am restoring. I believe it is based on the Testi Grand Prix. Can you help in any way?

The Grand Prix is a rebadged Testi - spares for this model are widely available in Europe, I believe. Ed.


mike rutterford <m_rutterford at sky.con>

kerry capitano g.p. 1964

i have just purchased a good version of this model, and i would like any paper information whatsoever.
i have a purchased a repro parts manual, and thats about it.any info at all would be gratefully received, just tell me where to look! thanks mike....

Tue Jul 10 2012
Frame Number?
Kerry 1902
Hi guys,

I have just required various bits for a 1902/1904 Kerry, please can you help with information and parts.

For a Brown and Barlow carburettor, i need the top and carb slide, an inlet manifold and atmospheric, front and rear wheel, handle bar and tank leavers, saddle, i think you have the picture, i need loads of bits.

Also, can you tell me where on the frame, where i would find the frame number, it's raining again in England, we all just love your country.


Sun Jun 10 2007
flattank at bigpond dot com
Kerry Motorcycle
Kerry 1905
Sales catalog - Kerry 1905
Tasmania Howard Burrows