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Kerry-Abingdon Motorcycles 1912-1913

Kerry-Abingdon 1912

1912 Models
TWIN-CYLINDER 5.6 h.p. @ 57 guineas.
STANDARD 3½ h.p. @ 45guineas.
DROP FRAME 3½ h.p.45 guineas.
2-SPEED AND FREE ENGINE 3½ hp 54 guineas.


3½ h.p. Model : 85 x 88 mm.; side by side m.o.i.v.; B. and B. carburetter; chain and belt; two-speed gear.

The East London Rubber Co., Great Eastern Street, E.C.

The most prominent feature on this machine is the two-speed gear, which is arranged so that a belt transmits the power on the high ratio and a chain on the low. In both cases the transmission is direct. The belt pulley and a small chain sprocket are connected to the engine-shaft by means of an enclosed leather faced clutch, which is worked from the left handle-bar grip. This clutch therefore applies to both high and low gears. Behind the bottom bracket a chain counter-shaft is arranged, with its driving sprocket on the side of the machine opposite to the driven one. The belt rim and the final drive sprocket are therefore on opposite sides of the back hub. The change of gear is effected in the hub by a clutch device worked by a small lever on the side of the petrol tank, which connects either of the two drives. When the top gear is in operation the low gear chains run idly, and nice versa. The front forks are of the Kerry type with enclosed springs.

A case with a quick detachable lid for spare belt or inner tube is fixed at the back of the carrier, at each side of which is a pannier toolbag of good size. The 3½ h.p. machine is also shown with a single gear.

6 h.p. Model : side by side m.o.i.v.; B. and B. carburetter; chain and belt; two-speed gear.

This model is shown attached to a sidecar, and has exactly the same form of transmission system as that adopted in the one previously described. The sidecar is of pleasing shape, and special attention has been paid to luggage and tool-carrying capacity, there being a deep pocket behind the back of the seat and a cupboard underneath it. The twin engine has separate silencers, both of which are fitted with cut-outs. In all models a front wheel stand is fitted, which also acts as a mudguard stay.

1912 Olympia Show
The Motor Cycle November 28th, 1912. p1396