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THE East London Rubber Company, being alive to the fact that there is now a large demand for a moderate-powered motor bicycle fitted with a two-speed gear, have introduced a new model which is to be known as the 2 1/2 h.p. Kerry-Abingdon motor bicycle. The engine is a 2 1/2 h.p. Kerry, the bore of which is 70 mm. and the stroke 80 mm. The frame is strongly constructed, and is specially strengthened where necessary; girder forks are provided. The carburetter is of the F.N. type, and is provided with an extra air adjustment. The transmission is by means of two 5/8 x 1/4in. Hans Renold chains. The two-speed gear box is situated underneath the bottom bracket, and the change is effected by means of dog clutches. A metal-to-metal friction clutch is also provided, which is fixed on to the engine-shaft. The gear and clutch have been previously dealt with by us in our description of the Kerry-Abingdon tricar, which appeared in the issue of November 7th, 1906, page 1992.

Owing to the presence of this two-speed gear no pedals are fitted; footboards, however, are provided, and on each footboard is a push forward pedal. That situated on the near side of the machine controls the clutch, while that placed on the off side works the gears. The arrangement is exceedingly simple and handy. The whole machine is carefully thought out, and means of adjustment are provided for all three chains. Powerful brakes are fitted. The ordinary rim brake is to be found on the front wheel, while the rear is internal expanding type. The machine is sold at a very low figure, and should appeal strongly to riders who favour a low-powered machine with change-speed chain transmission.

The Motor Cycle, 1907

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