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Rudge 1939 250cc Rapid

Specifications Rudge 245cc Two-valve engine

Note: 1936-1939 Rapid model specifications are the same.
1936 price for the Rapid was £49.10, and £55 for the '39 model. The Four-valve 250 Sports model of 1939 was somewhat dearer at £57 10 0, and 1936 4v model was the same price (The Sports 250 4v was not offered in 1937 - it was reintroduced in '38 with a 2v engine).
Both the 2V Rapid and the 4V Sports have exposed valves. 500cc 1939 models all had enclosed valves.


The "250" with the "350" performance £55-0-0 ALL ON

ENGINE. -245 c.c. Bore 62 mm. Stroke 81 mm. Two overhead valves operated by rockers mounted upon roller bearing. New and improved design of detachable cylinder head with spherical combustion chamber, 14 mm. plug. Double row roller big end bearing with duralumin cage. Cylinder of wear-resisting, NICKEL-CHROME IRON to Rudge special specification has deeper finning and much improved appearance.


LUBRICATION__Dry sump entirely automatic designed to operate without adjustment.

The oil is circulated by a duplex pump through a Tecalemit filter of large area.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. -Specially designed Lucas Maglita provides ignition and supplies current for large 8in. head lamp, tail light and high frequency horn, Lucas battery.

CARBURETTER. -Amal, needle type. Twist grip throttle control, Handlebar lever air control. Fitted with triple gauze flame arrester.

BRAKES. - RUDGE PATENTED (Patent No, 260656} PROPORTIONAL COUPLED BRAKES, 6 1/2in. diameter. Die cast aluminium shoes.

PETROL TANK__Rudge " Aero " model, furnished with central filler cap and handsomely finished in black and gold. Fitted with large pneumatic knee grips. Capacity 3 1/2 gallons. 2 level petrol tap, providing an emergency reserve supply sufficient for 30 miles.

OIL TANK. -Separate oil tank with large filler and drain plug, provides efficient cooling. Capacity half-gallon.

FOOT RESTS. -Easily adjustable. Fitted with thick rubber pads. Lugs Incorporated In chain stays for pillion foot rests.

HANDLEBARS. -Adjustable semi-sports type, 7/8in. diameter with black celluloid covering, fitted with external levers. Adjustable steering damper.

WHEELS AND TYRES. -Built on steel shell, with RUDGE SYSTEM OF OFFSET SPOKING -strong and light. Adjustable bearings. Fitted with new pattern Dunlop " Universal " Tyres, 3.25/19 (26 x 3.25).

MUDGUARDS. -Of deep section giving ample tyre clearance, yet providing full protection from mud, The rear guard is IMMEDIATELY DETACHABLE for ease of wheel removal.

STANDS. -Tubular stand for front wheel. Parking stand central spring-up type of sturdy construction.

GEARBOX. -Rudge-Whitworth patent four-speed (Patent No. 331643). Gears In CONSTANT MESH, Kick starter mechanism ENCLOSED. Mechanism shield particularly neat and Instantly detachable. Positively operated foot change. Multi-plate clutch. Solo gear ratios: 6,39 to 1; 8,2 to 1; 11.2 to 1; 15.95 to 1.

EXHAUST SYSTEM. -Large diameter downswept exhaust pipe and cylindrical silencer, with absorber tube in the tail pipe. Heavily chromium plated throughout.

FINISH. -The outstanding Rudge Quality finish, multi-coat superfine black enamel on RUSTPROOF UNDERCOAT, lined brilliant bronze. Bright parts heavily chromium plated on nickel. ALL PROMINENT BOLTS ARE CAPPED WITH DOMED NUTS. Blue or Maroon enamel, £1 extra. Chromium plated panel tank, 10 - extra.