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Rudge Models 1939

The 1939 Rudge Range

500 c.c. "ULSTER"

Designed for the rider who demands REAL " eighty-five-ish " performance. Probably the fastest 500 c.c. machine in normal vction, it combines speed, fierce acceleration and amazing stopping power with perfect reliability.

The alum-bronze cylinder head, enclosed pressure lubricated semi-radial valve gear, special wear-resisting cylinder material and the massive crankcase ensure a super performance with long life. Steering and road-holding, exceptional with the forks now fitted throughout the 500 c.c. range.

The ideal riding position, T.T. type foot change and carefully chosen gear ratios enable the remarkable power output to be used to full advantage.

The many detail refinements and the comprehensive equipment make this model the enthusiast's ideal.

In three words, the ULSTER is "The Expert's Choice."

500 c.c. "SPECIAL"

Designed as the ideal "Dual Purpose Mount" -equally satisfactory as a "seventy-seventy-five-ish" silent solo, or a powerful sidecar machine, the SPECIAL has a world-wide reputation for sustained performance and utter dependability. Its principal characteristics are a flow of smooth, silent power with mechanical cleanliness, all moving parts work under ideal conditions of lubrication.

Steering-perfect.   Braking-super.   Routine maintenance-simple.

"Clean to ride and easy to clean," the SPECIAL is the choice of the busy man who rides day in and day out with no time to tinker.

500 c.c. "SPORTS-SPECIAL."

Designed for weekday work and weekend sport, this model combines the outstanding qualities of the SPECIAL with a SPORTS specification.

The ribbed front tyre, narrow guards, racing twist grip and upswept pipes give an appearance of speed, justified by the performance. The specification is generous and complete.

The smooth silent power unit makes traffic riding a pleasure, yet once out in the country the urge to "give it the gun" and to get back on the mudguard pad is irresistible.

" Speed with Silence " is the modern demand - it is fulfilled in the SPORTS SPECIAL.

250 c.c. "SPORTS"

Designed for high performance at low cost, this model incorporates all the good features of the proved RAPID plus " that little something " obtained from a high compression piston and special carburetter.

Speed, "Seventy-ish." Snappy acceleration and super braking produce really surprising averages on long runs, and in traffic the 250 c.c. SPORTS usually "gets there first."

A big machine in every way, its sporting appearance is enhanced by plated rims, upswept exhaust system, narrow guards and ribbed front tyre. During an engine type test at Brooklands, the model lapped at over 76 m.p.h, for five hours! Need we say more?

250 c.c. "RAPID"

Designed as a "Man's Mount," it is hard to realise that the RAPID is only 250 c.c.

The bold tank, the 500 c.c. riding position with its large saddle, the big coupled brakes and ample tyres indicate a machine built for the heftiest of riders. The engine is "big" in performance, too ! !

Extremely quiet mechanically, and with a well silenced exhaust, its flexibility, crisp acceleration and high maximum speed, justify our slogan-"The '250' with '350' Performance." Easy starting, perfect steering and the foot controlled four-speed gearbox make it an ideal machine for traffic riding.

With its enviable record for reliability and economy it is a model which we are proud to recommend.