Rudge-Whitworth Motorcycles

Rudge 1922 7-9hp

There is an impressive air of solidity and power about the three-speed 7-9 h.p. Rudge

Forecast and Guide to Olympia (1921)


After just one year's existence on the market it has not been found advisable to alter greatly the counter-shaft three-speed all- chain drive Rudge singles and twins. Since last Show, however, a much less cumbersome form of clutch has been evolved, but this innovation is not new to the public, for it has been fitted to the production machines for some time now. It is of the usual Ferodo insert type, but is carried on the engine-shaft instead of on the gear box; it embodies an efficient transmission shock absorber. A black enamelled aluminium chain case and guard now protect the piimaiy and rear chains respectively, and the footboards are also of the same metal but in its natural finish. Large capacity tanks, very strong wheels, and a most efficient front fork are features that have long been common Rudge practice. The two multi gear (belt drive with expanding and contracting pulleys) models remain in the form which enjoyed so much popularity in the past.

The MotorCycle November 24th, 1921. p655

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Rudge Motorcycles

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Boxer Performance
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